25 thoughts on “All The Cats Join In”

  1. Cats

    this is such a fun song to dance to. it has so many breaks and pauses. not to mention it changes feel like half way through.

  2. Smallest Cat

    …and when you express your opinion, expect to get opinions back!

    When you make a public statement of your opinion you are opening it up for discussion.

    It doesn’t make sense to get all indignant when some one disagrees with you, unless of course your goal was to foist your views on others, without critique.

  3. Evil Cat

    He’s a 1920s Yale “collegiate” type. Back then, that look – the straw boater, the hair, the outfit, the ukelele – made for the ultimate college ladies’ man. By the 50s, it was sorely outdated, so he’s being tossed out for being behind the times.

  4. evil Cat attacks Human

    Yeah and what is that saying? You have to be skinny. No boy likes you if you’re fat, and you can’t love yourself if you’re fat. I’m not saying that Disney is bad, I absolutely LOVE Disney movies. I was just merely commenting on something that didn’t sit quite right with me in this cartoon. Excuse me for expressing my opinion!

  5. Cat and Catnip Mouse

    oh stop it! its a cartoon if you really find a disney cartoon to be offensive- thats dumb
    and if you remember correctly, after they drew her with a bigger rear- she got offended too then they fixed her
    so chill

  6. Cat flushing Toilet

    it looks like at 1:24 the character isnt on the same plane as the jukebox is. his feet look to be up in the air but I have the feeling they arent supposed to be considering the drop shadow is in the same place relative to his foot…mainly the background foot.

    Also the color of the little girl changes from a normal color to a more tan color like her sister’s at one point.

    The kid at 2:46 loses his shoes but in the next shot has them again.

    3:35 they all look like mindless animals O_o

  7. Very funny Cat Photos

    well you have to think about it in terms of the time period. These are also assumed to be the hip people at the time. Look at where they’re hangin out, the malt shop? The girl is trying her best to keep her little sister outta the way cuz she’s probably been watching her all day nah mean? People at that time also werent half as worried about their weight as people are now. You find that offensive…but you didnt ask where the black kids were in the short? much less the asian population!?

  8. Funny Cat song

    This is a great cartoon! However I didn’t like the part where the boy wouldn’t dance with the girl when she was a bit larger, but would when she was made skinnier. I find that offensive to bigger people.


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