How do I discourage cats from walking on my car?

How do I discourage cats from walking on my car?
RayRay1284 asked:

Every week someone’s cat walks all over the hood of my car which I just cleaned. The cat leaves their paw prints all over the hood of my expensive car. I have nothing against cats but I always have to clean my car a lot since of this. Is there some sort of scented car wash that will discourage the cat from walking on my car? I have a feeling that the cat likes to sit on my car because it’s warm on the hood.

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11 thoughts on “How do I discourage cats from walking on my car?

  1. heather l

    Cat and Rat

    we put garlic and cheyenne pepper in our trash and they stay out of it but tear up everyone else’s on the block. i don’t know if you can take one or the other or both and mix them with water and spray it around your car? someone else I’m sure has a better idea than that but thought it might help.

  2. sewwoodyou

    Piano Cat

    They walk on it because it is warm…

    Guess you could hose it down with cold water when you come home..
    Guess you could put it in a garage and close the door

    They do not like the scent of green apples.

    That is about all I know on this subject but…


  3. Rosa Bella

    Cute Kittens Bloopers

    Try something cats will wont like but u also remember if you put clrox, anything that is a cleaning soultion do put that is toxic you dont want to kill them though try a noise maker something loud just buy a car protector i know the cats will go on it but they wont stain it then!

  4. Naty

    Talking Cat

    Well cats hate sticky stuff on their paws, so i suggest you get a big cardboard box… open it… put double stick tape all over it, and put it on top of your car. Once they go on it like 2-3 times and they feel the sticky stuff, they’ll know not to go on your car. I know it sounds stupid, but that’s the best i can think of. There’s also aluminum foil, they hate the sound of it…. buy some of that and stick it on the roof every night and see what happens. If all fails, buy a car cover and cover your car every night… that will solve the problem of the foot prints.

  5. jesus r

    1-800-PetMeds RX/234x60.gif

    If your car is park out side there’s notting you can do. You are lucky they are not at your window looking for you.

  6. The Kings

    Cat and Mouse movie

    I like the cardboard/tape idea. Maybe you can get a huge box, break it down and put double sided tape all over it. I dunno, might work for awhile anyway. Or you could just get a couple beach towels and tuck them under your wipers and lay them over your hood. Will not keep the cats off really but might cut down the paw prints. Maybe if you are really really bored on your day off, lay in wait with a water sprayer/hose and spray the hell out of them when they do it, lol.

    I have this problem too , so good luck!

  7. ladysashya

    Flea & Tick Control

    Two great tricks for keeping any pet off cars/furniture, etc. Use a sheet of aluminum foil, they hate the sound and feel of it. Or a better one is to take one of those large clear plastic floor guards that you put underneath a rolling chair and put it on the car hood upside down with the spiky side up. It won’t cause any injury but it’s the most uncomfortable thing to walk on (try it yourself, it’s horrible!) and the animal will get the idea real fast! I’ve used this before for a certain chair the cats wouldn’t stay out of. It only took one time and I removed it to put back under my desk and they never even tried it again! Good luck!

  8. Lill lost dark angel

    Cat Trampoline

    I have 5 cats and 2 things they hate are orange peal and teabags place these around your drive and garden and they avoid it. Also DON’T use bleach or other amonia based cleaners aound your car because the think that another cat has invaded their teratory (with if the teabags work it won’t be for long) because it smells just like cat scent to them.


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