How do I get stray cats off of my property?

How do I get stray cats off of my property?
Cindi W asked:

My one male cat has been acting out ever since a new male cat has been coming onto my property. The stray (actually he has a collar) has sprayed all over the outside of my house.

My cat, in turn has been spraying and urinating everywhere in the house. He attacks the other cat.

It is actually 2-3 cats. I’m at my wits end. Should I trap these cats? Or is there any type of spray to deter them. My yard is an acre!

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9 thoughts on “How do I get stray cats off of my property?

  1. michelle

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    my personal opinnion is to that take some cat food and dont let your cat outside with the food put some baking soda some bleack some peanut butter chocalte rasins different onions MILK, CHEESE AND OTHER DAIRY PRODUCTS salt spicy food cold food out of the fridge i am sorri i had to say this it hurts my heart truly u could do this or try to get the cats and take them to an local animal shelter u could also call the police they would come get the cats but if they dont get them the first time then u could but traps and set them with regular food and call the police when u get the cat

  2. judyrae41

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    Your cat needs to be neutered if he isn’t already. Neutered males spray a lot less, even when they are agitated by other cats.

    There are sprays & other things that are supposed to repel cats, but I honestly don’t know how well they work.

    You can call the Humane Society or a resue group to see if they have a trap that you can borrow, catch the cats & try to return it to the owners if the information is on the collar. If not, take them to a shelter & hope that they are adopted.

  3. Elaine M

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    It’s not a stray if it has a collar, it’s someone’s pet. Consider what you’d want someone else to do to your cat if yours gets out.

    If you can catch the cat with the collar, tape a note to it saying you’re live trapping and will take all loose cats to the shelter. This may make the owner keep their pet indoors.

    Get YOURS neutered, they don’t try to mark territory if they don’t feel the testosterone making them do it.

    A spray hose is good, don’t shoot at any cat with any gun though, that not only will injure them it’s illegal to shoot at domestic animals in a city or city environs.

  4. whitefay

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    This is a tough one. I think the goal is to return the cats to their owners. Explain what has been going on. There are ordinances that actually prohibibit cats from freely roaming and destroying property or possessions.

    I would not try to get up close to the cat. It doesn’t know you and for all you know it may have rabies. Get a couple of traps and trap the cats. From within the cage, you can try to look at the collar to see if the cat has a number on the collar. Make a call to the owners if they do.

    Otherwise, I would contact Animal Control.

    If you can get close enough—spray them with a water guy–or with the ones that are huge–spray near them.


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