How do I improve my cats eating habits?

How do I improve my cats eating habits?
winky asked:

I have two cats, a male and female (both about 2 years old). The male cat eats very well and very active while the female cat eats less and her body weight lighter than him. Is this normal ie for a male cat to be much heavier than the female cat? If not then how do I make my female cat to improve her appettite and increase her body weight?

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  1. minimm37

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    wow my cats are the same way. we got a new kitten and the kitten stole everything from our bigger cat. we had to give them food at different times.. and sometimes in different rooms because the kitten would eat everything. we took my older cat to the vet too and we got this pink vitamin stuff for him and it made him healthier.
    good luck!

  2. Quest4questions

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    Cats are like people and some eat a lot and some do not eat that much. The best thing to do is to take your female cat to the vet and make sure that she is not underweight. If she is underweight there might be an underlying health problem that your vet can assit you with.


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