How can I get my cat to like other cats?

WinkleDoodle asked:

My cat, Rocket, is the happiest and sweetest cat that I’ve ever met. She purrs all the time and loves being cuddled and held, but there’s one problem: while she’s so loving and happy with people, she hates other cats. She will turn nearly feral towards them. Is there any way to get her used to other cats, so she can at least be in the same room as them?

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Why do some cats lay down and others fall over?

thlslsborlng asked:

I’ve been around cats all my life and have two of my own at the moment. I’ve noticed some cats when they go to lay down will just fall over sideways while others will lay down gently. In my findings most of the fall over cats are always the extremly friendly ones. Has anyone else ever noticed this and how does your cat lay down?

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Why do cats stretch out their hind leg when they approach me?

Michael W asked:

There are several cats in our household. I’ve just recently noticed that several of our cats stretch one of their hind legs (primarily the left leg) out behind them when they approach a human and sometimes other cats. Is this some form of greeting? Submission? I can’t find anything about this when I search online.

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