Why do some cats lay down and others fall over?

Why do some cats lay down and others fall over?
thlslsborlng asked:

I’ve been around cats all my life and have two of my own at the moment. I’ve noticed some cats when they go to lay down will just fall over sideways while others will lay down gently. In my findings most of the fall over cats are always the extremly friendly ones. Has anyone else ever noticed this and how does your cat lay down?

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7 thoughts on “Why do some cats lay down and others fall over?

  1. MissE

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    I have two cats, one does the flop and fall and the other one lays down nicely. I think it’s cause the flopper is a lazy guy whose very clumsy and the lay down nicer is very graceful actually.

  2. Aragorn

    Funny Cat and Dogs

    I’ve always noticed that as well. From my experience it appears to be a personality trait. Just like some cats will actively seek your affection (petting) while others don’t go searching for you, but will gladly accept it if you approach them.

  3. Kathryn

    Cat and Mouse

    If my cat just wants to lie down, he does so gracefully. If he wants to be petted, he flops at our feet. But he flops by putting his head down first, so he kind of does a somersault! He’s so cute.

  4. alextyas

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    My cat used to be wild so, being on the wary side, he usually lays down carefully unless I wheelbarrow him along a bit and then he flops over so I can tickle him. He’s so cute! I suppose the more confident a cat is, the more likely they are to just flop. I think mine’s always going to be a bit nervous seeing as he lived wild for the first 12months of his life but now I can tip him upside down and blow raspberries on his tummy and he loves to play at fetch with screwed up bits of paper! Not bad to say I’ve only had him for just over 4months and he wouldn’t be picked up. Now he follows me all round the house and garden and protests if I shut the bathroom door ! Like you, I’ve always had cats around me but I’ve never had this kind of adoration. Cats rule.


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