How can I get my cat to like other cats?

WinkleDoodle asked:

My cat, Rocket, is the happiest and sweetest cat that I’ve ever met. She purrs all the time and loves being cuddled and held, but there’s one problem: while she’s so loving and happy with people, she hates other cats. She will turn nearly feral towards them. Is there any way to get her used to other cats, so she can at least be in the same room as them?

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8 thoughts on “How can I get my cat to like other cats?”

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    ~Just let them work it out among themselves, it’s a cat thing.
    Are you wanting more cats? It sounds like you’re happy with the one you have. Point being, does she have to get along with other cats?
    Good luck~

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    You can’t make her like them, and the older a cat is the harder it is to socialize them. They learn social skills really young. I think it’s kind of like people; some are social, some aren’t.

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    nah=cats don’t want other cats invading their space unless they have grown up with them as kittens. Your cat does not have to be sociable with other cats. Mine is inside and when outside cats come to visit outside the patio door, she makes a noise that would make you think she was a giant beast of some sort and gets very mad until they go away. I have had mine for nine years and that is always how she has been.

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    You can’t really force a cat to like other cats. I think it’s normal for him or her not to like other cats since they are proably affraid that that cats going to take over their territory. That’s the only thing I can think of that makes a cat hate other cats but some cats are different. I don’t know if there’s a way you can change that or not.

  5. Cat Fight

    Cats are very territorial,they view other cats as intruders. I my self have ten cats and though they tolerate each other,they still fight if I’m not there to break them up. My advice is to just keep scolding them, and breaking them up and they will learn to tolerate each other, but they will always fight.


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