Why do cats stretch out their hind leg when they approach me?

Michael W asked:

There are several cats in our household. I’ve just recently noticed that several of our cats stretch one of their hind legs (primarily the left leg) out behind them when they approach a human and sometimes other cats. Is this some form of greeting? Submission? I can’t find anything about this when I search online.

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9 thoughts on “Why do cats stretch out their hind leg when they approach me?”

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    I have three cats and they do that when they just woke up from a nap or were laying in the same position for a while. They are probably just stretching out their muscle in the leg like us humans when we wake up or sit in the same position for hours.

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    Yes, part of it is “just stretching,” but it’s definitely a bit of communication as well, alerting you to your cat’s state of mind and energy level. Obviously, you aren’t being approached to be bitten or engaged in intense play–relaxed, calm kitty is coming over to re-make your acquaintance!

  3. My cats do this as well. (I always say to them, “Bring your legs!” ;) ) The former feral more so than the others. He also yawns whenever I look at him. It’s some sort of communication for sure.


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