How come some cats are way more affectionate than others?

How come some cats are way more affectionate than others?
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I heard a funny story about cats on NPR today. It said reddish/orange cats are more affectionate than others. I have two cats and the orange one is WAY more affectionate and friendly than my gray girl one, (the orange one is a boy!)…. How come some cats are more affectionate than others? Are they just born like that? LIke how poeple are born w/ different personalities?

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  1. Peace?Love?Twilight

    Amazing Cat Jump

    Someone told me once that cats are less affectionate when they are older if you gave them a lot of attention as a kitten, and if they didn’t get a lot of attention as a kitten then they will be more affectionate when they are older.

  2. Judy W

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    My orange ones were calmer but it is all in the raising. I have learned if you start when they are newborns or as soon as you can and get hold them, snuggle them, play with them, sleep with them ,pet the, brush them , share your food with them, pick them up and reassure them when they get scared , talk to them , teach them to come when you call their name, I guess it kind of like raising kids only furrier. The people who get my cats are amazed at how affectionate they are. Two sister came to get kittens for the new apartment. They sat a my sofa and Ernie a (long hair gray) flopped himself in one sister’s lap and began to purrrrrrr. Bert a (short hair gray) did the same to the other sister. The girls looked up and said I guess they chose us,

  3. michele_cat_cyprus

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    It’s down to their individual personalities more than it’s due to their coat colour or how they were raised. Just the same way that humans from the same family all have different personalities.

    The two cats that I have now, are the least affectionate of any cats I’ve ever had. They are now 3 and 4 years old, and it’s only in the last couple of months that they’ve been sitting on my lap and wanting cuddles. A neighbour has the most affectionate cat ever and he’s always coming into our house for a cuddle. Yet his owner is hardly ever at home and when he is, he doesn’t pay his cat any attention

    The Messybeast web site has an article “Is Coat Colour linked to temperament?” which you might find interesting.

    There’s also speculation that the temperament of the father cat has more influence on the kitten’s personality than the mother – even though he’s not always around when the the kittens are growing up.

  4. Michelle S

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    Cats, like people have different personalities although I’ve found that most male cats are more friendly than female cats. I have two cats who are brother and sister and my male cat is more friendly, although the female is friendly too.

    My sister has a female calico cat (orange/black) and it has to be the most loveable, friendly cat I have ever met.

    Another person I know has a male orange cat and it is very friendly.

    Hope this is helpful.


  5. Kit-Kat OL

    Frontline Pet Meds

    Some cats are way moe afectionate then others because its like people they have there personalities. Like one old fat whos the most affectionate cat ever and will bite you if you stop peting, but on other hand i have one cat that only will go to me and when my grandma’s here her. All cats vary also could be breed.

  6. protokarma

    Siamese Cats

    I’ve had cats my entire life. Their coat color or breed never seemed to matter in what their personalities were.
    Each cat is different, just like humans are.
    It really all depends on the cat’s individual experiences as a kitten, growing up, and the love you give him/her now.

    For example: i currently have 3 cats. One of which is very sweet and loving with me, but ONLY ME. My husband cannot get near her.

    Cats are just small furry little people. The color of OUR skin and hair doesn’t determine how WE act…. Each is temperamental, emotional, loving, caring, in their own way.


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