Molly – Little Kitty Rescued from the Snow

Molly the Rescued Snow Kitty!

Molly the rescued Kitty!
Molly the Rescued Kitty!

A true Kitty Rescue Story told by one of our readers and fellow cat lovers, Dalilia from Toronto.

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This Story happened in the year of 2007, December, when my uncle was driving to my 15 birthday party.

You see, I never had any pets and I never really hoped to get any because my father never wanted to have any pets because he fears them, but on that day, I somehow had a premonition that something extrodinary was going to happen; and it did!

We were sitting at home waiting for him to come when all of a sudden the doorbell rang and there he was!

Mom ran to open the door and all of a sudden, she gave out a little cry and rushed back in clutching her hands together and crying out almost hysterically: “He’s got a cat with him! A half frozen up little creature! Oh come quick! It’s almost dead!”

I rushed up to him and found in his arms a stiffly frozen, little white spotted with orange kitty.

“Quick, get her a hotplate of milk and a warm towel socked in hot water!” he ordered.

And mom obeyed him, got the towel as quick as a wink, while I snatched up a kitchen plate and poured out some hot milk we had on the table onto it.

Uncle Jonas quickly wrapped the cat up in the towel and placed her on the floor mat right infront of the fire place.

My father had by this time come out of the back room and was staring in horror at the new arrival. He absolutely HATED and feared ALL cats!!!

“John,” he burst out, “what’s this thing here you brought our Julia for her birthday, eh? What do you think you are DOING bringing such a disgusting creature into our hosue? How dare you when you know how much i hate these putrid creatures!!”

“George,” began John slowly and patiently, “I know that you hate cats and I didn’t bring it here to ANNOY you, I just brought it here because I found the poor thing freezing to death on the road over to here and since there was no shelter for miles around or anywhere else that I could bring her, I brought her over here for us to be able to care for her!”

Dad still frowned and grumbled something, but mom, uncle and I were all too busy taking care of the poor little creature to take any notice of him.

Uncle John Jonas rubbed it up and down feverishly and mom and I tried feeding it milk with a spoon.

Still it was as stiff as ever and it had it’s eyes tight shut as though refusing to open them or live.

Finally, when we were nearly at our wits end and were about to give up, the little creature gave the tiniest muscular twitch in its face, which only I noticed.

“IT’S MOVING!!” I shouted out and at once John and Mom came running back to look at it move.

There, by the fire place on the coldest and snowiest night of december we witnessed a true miracle of God!

First the little thing twitched an eyelid, then the wiskers twitched violently and finally an arm gave a little jerk as well.

“IT LIVES!!” Was the first shout that we cried as we saw it bit by bit slowly reviving itself and coming back to life.

Then, slowly, it opened one eye and looked up at us, worriedly at first and then searchingly.

We all hung over the big armchair to look at it and I, mom, sis, Jenny my best friend, John my uncle, Ruddy my mom’s friend, Randy my mom’s other brother and finally even Dad (though he only watched the spectacle from the dark corner of the room of our small wooden house.)

The moment it sat up we all pounced on it with hugs, kind words, kisses and bottles of hot milk etc. but where driven back by mom and uncle who explained to us that “she might be wild and maybe even sick, we didn’t know, so we should take precautions and not come to near to her at first.” and so on.

Nothing could stop me however so i sat down next to mom and stretched out a hand to the kitty.

We soon found out that she was a very sweet natured cat and the moment that we had revived her with milk and hot water, she started to purr and rubb against us. After that there was no more “don’t go near her” kind of thing because everyone was cuddeling and kissing her!

In less than a weeks time she was up and running again just like new, but uncle still had a doctor come in just to make sure that she was really alright. She has some lung problems but we give her tablets to keep her alright.

You can guess what happened perhaps, no? well I’ll tell you then:

We had decided to keep her for a week or so until she would be better and then find out whom she had belonged to and send her back to them. She was only about 4 months old when uncle brought her in but she must have belonged to someone as she was clean and friendly.

So dad and mom put up signs everywhere in the village and asked around if anyone knew of this kitty and of who’s it belonged.

No one knew and within 2 weeks mom gave up. She had recieved no answer and guessed as dad did that the cat was a sad little stray.

One day, I came back from school to find my father playing, YES ACTUALLY PLAYING, with this kitty on the floor!

Well, that was the beginning of our long friendship and life with ‘Snowy’ or otherwise named ‘Molly’ and after that, Dad never feared or hated another cat in his life!

Mom, Dad, Uncle, sis and I grew used to this friendly, lovely kitty and sometimes we would even fight over who was allowed to have her in bed that night! :-)

It was a lovely time and still is!

Molly still lives with us and is as happy and (almost perfectly) healthy as ever!

That day of my 15th birthday was the BEST DAY of my life and I think the best for Molly too!

I’m ever so glad my uncle John found her and brought her in to us or I would never have had such a cute kind kitty. Dad also would never have learned that cats aren’t so bad at all and that he CAN love them too!

So God bless Molly and uncle John too!

Dalilia – Toronto

I wish her still to live a loooooonnnnggg long time with Dalilia and be as happy and healthy as she always is!

PS: What do you think about this happy end cat rescue story? Share your comments, and your own rescue stories below in the comment box. thank you!


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