Kittens Saved Moments Before being Crushed to Death in a Garbage Truck

Bin Men Saved the Day! (And the Kitties)

This is 'Bin' one of the abandoned Kitties

This is 'Bin' one of the abandoned Kitties

Three little kittens can thank their lucky stars for being spotted and saved by vigilant bin men, seconds before being crushed to death in the back of a refuse (garbage) truck.

The eight-week old black and white kittens were found stuffed into a shoe box in a garbage bag, last Friday by refuse workers in Montague Road, West Hendon, while they were on their rounds collecting garbages.

They had been about to chuck the garbage bag along with other rubbish into the powerful crusher at the back of their truck when one of them suddenly caught sight of the kittens (or perhaps heard a little meow from inside one of the plastic bags).

Upon finding the kittens, they spoke to a local resident who agreed to rehome two of the cats and took the last of the trio to The Mayhew Animal Home in Kensal Rise, where staff have named him Bin because of his ordeal.

Mayhew CEO, Caroline Yates, said: “It is hard to comprehend that anyone would leave three vulnerable kittens trapped in a shoebox left for a fate of certain death.”

“There is no excuse for dumping any animals in such a cruel and heartless manner when there are many charities and organisations in London to approach for help.” A spokesman said.

“Luckily they were found in time and a compassionate member of the public brought one of them to The Mayhew to find a safe new home.”

My Comments:

What do you think about this? Would YOU do the same thing to your kittens if you couldn’t find a home for them and wanted to get rid of them? Could it be that the person who threw them out was somehow hoping that they would be found by someone kind and rescued? Or do you think that they were simply cold hearted and mean?

Comment below.

Thanks for reading and I hope none of you will do the same to your kitties!


18 thoughts on “Kittens Saved Moments Before being Crushed to Death in a Garbage Truck

  1. Peter Askin

    I think I’ll have to go with mean. Its inconceivable to me that someone would actually believe there are people checking all the garbage bags looking for kittens before its crushed in the garbage truck and buried in the landfill. Such people are heartless and cruel, and I don’t believe they have any regard for life of any kind. They have been desensitized by a society that is selfish, self-centered and where people are pretty alienated from other people, never mind animals.

    The kittens are very lucky they were found by alert and caring workers. Kudos to them and to the kind people who took two of the kittens. Best wishes and a long life to “Bin”.

  2. Kelly Dugas Coveney


    This is one of those “Feel Good” Stories that makes one both cry and cheer at the same time. I CANNOT IMAGINE WHO would do such a thing, abandoning a litter of 3 kittens in a shoebox and then throwing them out! My Pumpkin was an abandoned kitten of about that same age, and I can only imagine what she went through having been left to fend for herself. She’s PURRFECT in every way, loves people(esp. Men!)and is gonna be 2 in a few weeks…

  3. Kaukab

    I will die before even think to do such a terrible thing. If a person has a brain he will never even think to do such thing with an innocent baby.

  4. Betty Hicks

    I agree with Peter, who would check the garbage for kittens? And for that matter checking for a baby like Kaukab said, pray that individual does not have a baby.

  5. Alison Armour

    How dare someone try and get rid of the kittens in that way. I’ll say it was mean! There are people out there who’d love to have a cat and there are plenty of charities. Bin looks too cute to have the name he does.

    1. CatCamille

      @Alison Armour: It sure is! I’d adopt Bin if I were there and I’m sure plenty other families would too! The person who threw the kittens out could have at least tried to find them a home or given them up to a charity instead of throwing them out like that!

  6. shirlane ferrante (lizzie borden)

    it is an ugly, horrible country we are turning deliberately throw a life away, into the garbage no less, please keep in mind we also do this with our own babies..what a about the ugly american…disgusting..

  7. Unyil

    humans these days are really crazy…
    Don’t care about other living things…
    I’ll pray that the person who threw them out would experience it too..
    Threw out by other humans…

  8. Lisa Kyriacos

    The first comment by Peter echoes my thought sexactly. Unfortunately these are ugly times we live in.

  9. Sarah Slogan

    What a story!! Good luck that they were found before it was too late!! the poor things…how cruel some people can be sometimes!!
    I hate some humans!!!!grrr

  10. Sarah Slogan

    Good luck that they were found before it was too late!! the poor things…how cruel some people can be sometimes!!
    I hate some humans!!!!grrr

  11. Tiffany

    Well, thats how mad humans work. Fox-hearted to every living thing but themselves. Think just humans are great. The rest of them are slaves. If humans have a right to a mate, why don’t cats have? If humans have freedom to roam around, why don’t cats have? I don’t see why you can’t not lock up your cat in a small room while you get to travel around the world.


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