Crazy woman pierces kittens to make them “Gothic kittens”

SCANDAL!!! Woman Pierces her Kittens

One of the pierced "Gothic Kittens"
One of the pierced "Gothic Kittens"

The Pierced “Gothic Kittens”

A 35 year old woman in Pennsylvania was just sentenced to house arrest for six months after having  pierced her three young kittens on their necks, ears and docking their tails. As well as tying a ring around one of the kitten’s tails used to prevent blood flow, causing the tail to fall off in time.

Strangely enough, even though Crawford (as is the woman’s name) pierced her kittens with fourteen gauge needles (the size normally used to inject cattle) she claims not to have wanted to hurt them but only to have tried to  “beautify” them.

She marketed them on the internet as “Gothic Kittens” and gained a lot of fame especially on her website were she put up pictures of the kittens and later used it to raise money to support her appeal in court.
Her defence lawyers argue that because parents allow children to get pierced ears at young ages, it should be the same for pet owners.

But really, why should it be so? Can’t children talk, fight and argue, while cats can only meow misreably and have nothing to say about the thing that is done to them? Why should anyone be allowed to inflict pain onto any other creature just because they are their owners and have bought them off someone else? What right do we humans have to stick bits of metal into our poor fellow creatures skins?

What do you think about this? Do you think that she was right in doing such a thing to her pets, or not?

Comment below and let us know.

After all, it’s one thing for a young child to have an instant-punch needle hole in an ear lobe, followed by the placement of a tiny stud which they have also WANTED, but It’s quite another thing for a cat (who never asked for such a thing in the least, or desires it I can assure you…) to have a small nail driven through it’s ear (cartilage and skin), and then for an heavy, painful bit of metal to be hung from it.


Crawford is prohibited from doing any work at her grooming shop during her six month sentence,  and is not allowed to have any more animals than the three cats, three snakes and dog she now owns.

(Which I wouldn’t even let her own anymore mind you….)

Crawford’s attorney is very pleased with the sentence, since the normal sentence could have been 6 months in prison do to animal cruelty charges.

A Pre-sentence investigation done by the Adult Probation Department, finds that Crawford has been arrested 17 times and convicted of shoplifting, driving under the influence, delivery of a controlled substance, theft by unlawful taking, criminal conspiracy and possession with intent to deliver heroin.

Crawford told the judge she has been rehabilitated and off drugs for approximately five years and decided to turn her life around by creating her business and embracing her love of pets.

“I had no idea what I was dong was a crime,” Crawford said, “It was wrong, and I’ll never do it again.”

Crawford’s website was taken off the Internet by law of the court.


My comments:

Still I ask you, is this a right enough sentence for a woman who caused so much pain for her poor little cats? Just for her own vanity? Or is it quiet okay, since now she feels sorry about what she did and wants pardon? Would YOU do such a thing to your beloved cat or dog?

And what will she do now when she can not work in her shop? How will she earn money to feed herself and her pets?

Who will take care of her shop while she can’t?

Comment below to voice your opinion.



14 thoughts on “Crazy woman pierces kittens to make them “Gothic kittens””

  1. I…euhh… am a bit speachless….never thought that an adult woman could think she made her kittens “beautiful” by piercing them !!! She still has those kittens in her home ??? A very good question about what she is going to do now to earn money….may not think about it, knowing that she pierces her kittens “only for beauty”… then what will she able to do with them, when she realy needs money ??? I can not understand that she may keep her kittens…euhh…think she will call them: “eye-CATchers” !!! Grrrr….makes me mad !!!

    • @Tessa De Weghe: You are right Tessa! It is maddening!! How can anyone (unless they are mentally SICK) do such a CRUEL thing to her kittens? They should really have taken her cats and pets away from her and atleast put her in jail for 10 years (or more!) aswell as giving her psychiatric care!
      poor kitties…

  2. thats so cruel what a stupid VAIN person , she should get a ban on her ever keeping pets , get a life you a****le

  3. It’s just stupid…. I think that this lady is confused about the human and animal world. Piercing, for cats? What’s next — tattoo on their shoulder-blades??

    • @KB: Actually, someone already did that. you can read about it in our archieves. a woman tatooed her sphinx cat. i think that perhaps these people just want attention and short lived fame. anyhow, they are crazy!

  4. I think that she is nut’s what sane person would do such a cruel thing to an animal who is un able to defend it’s self. They should definitely take her pets away from her and lock her up and throw away the key.She should get a real job and not use her pets to make money off. She should of thought about that before she inflicted so much pain on her animals, I have no sympathy for her even though she admitted she was wrong, Use your head lady animals are not toys, they are there to be loved and protected

    • @Snowlily: She is! or atleast mentally so. perhaps she thinks that it is pretty for cats to look that way? maybe she also has piercings and doesn’t care about them in the least…but you are TOTALLY right, she should be locked up and have her pets taken away. such people don’t deserve to have such kind creatures as cats when they themselves are BEASTS!!

  5. Crawford still needs to play with dolls; she should stick to soft cuddly stuffed cats and not live cats. She can doll up her stuffed toy cats as much as she wants and leave the real cats alone. She does not understand cats or animals – you love them and let them be what they are as much as possible. You do not try to engineer them and make them into your playthings.
    If you really love the cats, leave them alone – no meddling , no dolling , no sticking stuffs on them. Look into their eyes and you would never want to do such things.

  6. She’s clearly not right in the head. It sounds like she needs more help.

    I think it is awful. Aren’t black kittens gothic enough without what looks like belly bars in it’s ears?! They must weigh a ton. Apart from the obivous disgustingness, it doesn’t look like the cats ear will ever be able to support the weight of that jewellery, and surely she would have known that from experience, even if she didn’t know it was wrong.

    I don’t understand why anyone would want to risk a kitten screaming, getting infections and potentioanlly hating it’s owner for the rest of it’s life. How did she even get the ring in the poor thing? The kitten must have screamed his head off and cried? How could anyone sit through that?

    I wonder if the poor thing can even move it’s ear properly now? I know where mine are pierced, everyting under the hole is completely numb.

    I hope she is not allowed to keep animals any more.

    • @Catface: The poor things. Let’s hope that they didn’t suffer too long and that maybe she put them to sleep to get it in…
      I also hope she won’t be able to keep them but I’m afraid that the law doesn’t see it that way and that she IS still allowed to keep them. CRAZY right?
      Sometimes people are soooo unfair to animals.

  7. It’s terrible I agree but nothing compare to declawing cats, ear clipping or tail clipping for many types of dogs (In some cases warranted to be “per standards”.

  8. This is terrible!! As someone who has tattoos and piercings, I can confirm that having my ear piercings stretched up to 6mm was terribly painful… but my choice!! Horrible woman. She should never be allowed to keep animals again as long as she lives. How can she say she didn’t know it was wrong? wasn’t she there when her poor cat was squealing and wriggling in pain as these holes were being put in its ears….aaaaargh!!!


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