Stray Momma Cat Fosters Abandoned Bob Cat Kittens

Momma Cat Saves Bob Cat Kittens!

Momma cat nurses bobcat kittens

Momma cat nurses bobcat kittens

A few weeks ago, a hunter found three small bobcat kittens alone in the woods of Alabama and took them to Big Cat Rescue.

Big Cat Rescue took the kitties in, but felt that they would and could not survive as they where too young and their eyes where still closed.

Luckily something special happened!

A stray cat in the Rescue Center who’s kittens had already started eating solid food found the kittens and adopted them imediately! She cuddled up to them and let them suckle on her nipples. Half an hour later, the kittens where already happily cuddled up with the momma cat aswell as with her own kittens!

They are now healthy, full and happy!

Big Cat Rescue plans to release the bobcats into the wild after 18 months, when they’ll be old enough to hunt and survive on their own.

What a lovely cat story!

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6 thoughts on “Stray Momma Cat Fosters Abandoned Bob Cat Kittens

  1. CatCamille Post author

    So true Tessa!! Love these kind of stories! Glad to share them with you. :)

  2. Peter Askin

    Its always touching to read a story like this. I hope the little bobcats are safely released back into the wild when they’re old enough. Wildlife rehabbers know how important it is to not allow wild creatures to get bonded to people. Thank you for sharing this, Camille. <3

  3. Marianne

    That is the nicest story I have read in a long time. How wonderful for that mama to step up to the plate and help those helpless babies.

  4. Lisa Furgal

    That’s one great mama! Big Cat Rescue is such an awsome group that it’s no surprise to me this story is about their cats! This organization has an amazing release program. The animals are phased into the wild and have VERY minimal human interaction. Once again, great job, guys! Thanks for sharing this story!


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