Amazing Cat “Smoka” Survives 26 Days in Fire Debris

Smoka lives 26 Days Without Food or Water!

Smoka the cat reunited with her mom!
Smoka the cat reunited with her "mom"!

On August 10, a fire burned down a two story florist shop in Franklin.  Sandy LaPierre, who lived over the shop and  owned a one year old cat named smoka, managed to escape the fire without any harm to herself.

However, she left her most beloved and most cared for possession behind in the flames… her cat!

Smoka did not escape from the house.  She was trapped!

Two gallons of water where thrown over the house to stop the fire.

Hours passed.  Days followed and weeks next.  Still no sign of the cat.

“She is gone!” LaPierre cried.”There is no way she could of survived the flames…”

But there was a way.

For 26 days the cat survived buried under mountains of rubble and fire debris.

Finally, when the wrecking teams came to clear away the dirt and filth, they where SHOCKED to see… well, can you guess what? A LITTLE HEAD STICKING OUT from under the filth! SMOKA!!!!

The wrecking team telephoned and only moments later, LaPierre came running to her cat!

Tears of joy dripped down her face as she kissed her grey cat over and over again. “I thought I lost her forever!” She cried.

“It restores my faith in God!” said Norma Witte, who works for Miamisburg’s Stark Wrecking Co on Friday September 4 when the cat was found.

“When we found her, she was so stiff, that she couldn’t even move. We where sure she was dead!” Witte said.

“There’s no way to explain how that cat survived in there. She must have had one life left.” Said one of the other workers of Miamisburg’s wrecking co.

“Smoka is well, except for being very thin, dehydrated and having some wounds. However, she’s eating a lot to make up for it!” Said her owner Sandy LaPierre.

We wish for smoka, that she will soon be completely restored to health (and fat!).

This story of the miracle of smoka the cat, has made many cat owners smile around the world.
I hope it makes you smile too!

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