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Cat Rescue Story Smoky

Smoky is a brown tabby cat who nearly didn’t make it. We found him crawling along the pavement as a very young kitten. He was heading for a busy road and was suffering from terrible cat flu. His eyes were all glued up, so he couldn’t see a thing and his fur was dirty and matted. He really was in a bad way.

We think that he had come from a nearby graveyard where a group of feral cats had been living. By the state of him he had obviously been abandoned by his mother. We scooped him up and took him to the vets. It really didn’t look good for a long time. He stumbled around a lot as he couldn’t see and he found it difficult to eat.

We had to stay with him constantly for the next few days and spoon-fed him tiny amounts of warm milk. Luckily he did recover, although he has been cross-eyed ever since and we think that his vision has been affected, but generally he is a very lovely cat.

Funnily enough he has never wanted to go outside his whole life even though we have encouraged him. I think he just wants to feel safe and secure after his ordeal as a kitten. Smoky is now 13 years old and has given us many years of fun and companionship and is a very happy cat as you can see from his photo.

Susan from Essex, England.

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Amazing Cat “Smoka” Survives 26 Days in Fire Debris

Smoka lives 26 Days Without Food or Water!

Smoka the cat reunited with her mom!
Smoka the cat reunited with her "mom"!

On August 10, a fire burned down a two story florist shop in Franklin.  Sandy LaPierre, who lived over the shop and  owned a one year old cat named smoka, managed to escape the fire without any harm to herself.

However, she left her most beloved and most cared for possession behind in the flames… her cat!

Smoka did not escape from the house.  She was trapped!

Two gallons of water where thrown over the house to stop the fire.

Hours passed.  Days followed and weeks next.  Still no sign of the cat.

“She is gone!” LaPierre cried.”There is no way she could of survived the flames…”

But there was a way.

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