Curiosity Almost Killed the Cat! Kitten Goes for Spin in Wash-machine

Kitten Goes for a Dangerous Spin!

Curiosity almost killed a four-month-old kitten when it went for an adventure in a washing machine and ended up in the spin cycle.

The fluffy, white, Persian kitten – aptly named Kimba after the cartoon white lion – climbed into the front loader while Lindsay Rogers was loading the machine at his home in Manly Vale, on Sydney’s north shore.

Not knowing Kimba was inside the machine exploring the dirty clothes, Mr Rogers innocently loaded it and turned the machine on.

“I put the clothes in, put the powder and the fabric softener in, put it on a cold wash – which was very lucky – and put it on for a 30-minute cycle,” Mr Rogers told the Manly Daily newspaper.

“When I opened the door, it just went ‘meow’ and stuck its head out. I couldn’t believe it – the spin cycle at the end goes really fast and I couldn’t believe it survived.”

While the bedraggled – and rather dizzy – Kimba was no doubt a lot cleaner after his adventure, the kitten was actually very ill, with very sore eyes from the washing detergent.

Mr Rogers rushed the kitten – who he described as “looking like a drowned rat” – to the local vet, who immediately put it on an intravenous drip.

The head nurse at the Allambie Veterinary clinic, Natalie Macdonald, said Kimba was “very flat and wet … and not very responsive” when she arrived.

“She was suffering from shock and hypothermia and they put her on a heat mat and dried her until her body temperature slowly returned to normal,” Ms Macdonald said.

Mr Rogers said Kimba returned to normal a couple of hours later.

“It is just amazing that she survived but we reckon she’s used all of her nine lives,” he said.



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Smoka the cat reunited with her mom!
Smoka the cat reunited with her "mom"!

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