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Balki is a Domesticated Short-Hair Breed with unique markings and colouring. He was abandoned at 10 weeks of age on a busy road not far from where I live and, I took him home to live with me.
I named him Balki after the character Balki in the sitcom ‘ Perfect Strangers ‘ and just like Balki in that show my Balki is faithful, handsome, friendly and goofy.
The best friend I could ever wish to have in my life. Dont need a real life Prince Charming as, I already have one in Balki.

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266 thoughts on “Vote for Balkiboy- “Beauties in Black & White” Cat Photo Competition

  1. Helen

    Dear Balkiboy you are just devine, simply adorable strikingly handsome a true star & always the purrfect gentleman.

  2. Helen

    Balki is the SIMPLY the BEST black & white cat I have seen. I’m from Port Kembla home of the mighty BLACKS ( rugby league ) they wear black & white jerseys. I have one black eye & one white eye trust me I know a great looking black & white puss when I see one. Balkiboy is a STUNNER superb markings the purrfect puss.

  3. Anna J. Shelton

    Unique. Has a good sense of humor. Fits the category. Striking appearance. Best of luck, Balki, in the contest!

  4. Karelle York

    Balki is a really good looking cat, love his black nose and eye…GO BALKI he is adorable and PurFECT in every way <3

  5. Shawna

    Balki is a Gorgeous Fur! Beautiful Markings! AWESOME! You are A WINNER, BALKI!
    The Best of Good Luck for you! :)

  6. Aragon Allie

    Hope you win….cause you always make me feel like a winner just for having you as a friend <3 xxxxx

  7. Zach Easley

    Balki is my pal on a dog web site. That should tell you what a special cat he is. And he’s also special because he was such a source of comfort to mommy this past year when she went through so many difficult times. How can you feel bad if you snuggle next to Balki and listen to him purr?

  8. Lucky the cat

    Vote for my friend Balki. Hes the bestest cat. He once samed a rodent from drowning, and then ate him. He deserves to be cover cat.

  9. Linda (Molly) Boots

    I just LOVE BalkiBoy! He has the greatest markings, and the cutest attitude of them all!!! You GO, Balki!!!!

  10. Mrs Evelyne Hulme

    what a gorgeous big “Matou” French for big cat , He has my vote anytime. Love his perfect markings. Best wishes, hope he wins the competition. Evelyne Hulme. x

  11. Susannah

    Beautiful Balki Boy…what a handsome cat…and those unique markings are wonderful *hugs* . What intense eyes too…such a fantastic exression :-D))) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  12. Danalynn

    5 Stars for the incredible Balikiboy! His colors are absolutely stunning and his personality just leaps off the page! xo

  13. Kathy

    I just recently saw Balki’s photo & I must say he is a strikingly gorgeous black & white feline. And – of course – he is truly a handsome cat – all boy! >^.,.^<

  14. lubi pasquinelli

    Wow.. Balki is a wnderful baby boy. I love his marks and look how magnificent his pose is! I vote for him.. Balki rocks

  15. Prescilla Canilang

    Balkiboy has my vote. He’s a beautifully and artistically marked cat, so handsome. Best wishes for a win in the competition. Hugs

  16. Janet

    Balki, you’re a beautiful boy! Gorgeous markings! I LOVE black & white kitties! You’ve got my vote! Best of Luck to you! =^..^=

  17. Asha

    So many black and white’s, but Balki is THE STUNNER with his shimmering black beauty spot just above his cute little nose.


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