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Dats me on top of da bookshelf.

Iz entering myself. Mami sez Iz awesome, but I think Iz shy. I want to run off with da circus, but I loves Mami too much to leave her. Mami sez Iz funny cuz I can read her like a book. (She’s like a book with pictures only, so iz not too hard).

Iz musical. I sit on da piano bench and play the piano wit my paws. Mami sez it sounds like John Cage. Bad, bad name!!! Anyway, I play celtic harp, too. Not well, unless you like the sound of nails on chokbord. I hate da drums. Gitar is hard. I sing but Mami alwayz sez “Shut up~!!”

Life is full of mystrees. Why can I not go hunting after dark? Why does Mami screem like a banshee and throw things at the ‘coons in da backyard? Why can’t I figure out the water fawset?

Dats me. Nice to meetcha!

Help Ellis L’Orange win this cat photography contest!
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