Tips when burring your long loved pet

Tips to burring your dead pets (dogs, cats, mice and rats, and even birds!)

Find a spot that is closest to you, a place that you can visit often and pay your respects to your lost dead cat/dog/pet/mouse/bird or any other pet you have.

If you are religious, you might want to do a prayer, asking God to take good care of your pet, or just simply praying for it to be happy where ever it is… You can invent your own prayers, just voice your worries, your hopes, your fears and your sadness.

What I think is a good way to relieve yourself at least a bit of the guilt, sadness and misery, is to:

  • Write a letter to your dead cat or dog or pet.

Your letter can be anything you want it to be.
It can say that your sorry (if it was your fault).

  • Light a candle
  • Talk with friends about it
  • Chat online about your dead pet
  • Write it down in a diary or book
  • Do EFT – emotional freedom Technique that clears away any sadness, pain and emotional problems. It’s free.
  • Tell us about it and we’ll share your sorrows with you! Just write a comment below about what happened, how it happened and what you did about it. It always feels better to talk about things.

How to Respectfully Bury your Dead Pet – My Mouse Burial Story

How to Bury Your Dead Cat or Dog?

Have you just lost one of your dearest little furry friends? Did one of your beloved pets die?

Was it your life long beloved dog or cat?
Do you still remember him/her just like as if he/she were still there right besides you, rubbing against you, purring or barking?

Are you feeling alone, sad, misreable; as though there  is no one else out there who can understand you or comfort you?

But please don’t feel alone.

I understand your sadness, your devestation, your misery…. I too have had my share of loss.
When I was young, the only pets I had where two little mice in a cage by the window.

Mouse or not mouse, I still loved them dearly and used to play with them, pet them and watch them run around in their cage by the window.

They were not the plain sort of mice, but sandy colored dessert mice which where always active and friendly. These kind of mice, can loose their tails if they get scared, but this we had no idea about till one day mom tried to catch one of the sisters (now called Short tail) and grabbed her by the tail.

You can guess what happened: Mom was left shocked with a bloody stub of a tail.

A terrible incident to have happened.

Still, the mice lived on happily for a few more good years, but then some time after my 10 birthday, short tail got some brain infection and got very ill, she actually turned crazy.

Her ears started bleeding and white puss was coming out of them. She scratched at them and ran around in circles.

We had no idea what to do about her! So we just left her be. Hoping that she would recover somehow or another…. But she didn’t.

And then one day, she became murderous and killed her sister.  Just bit her neck out of the blue and killed her.

We came back and found

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