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Tips when burring your long loved pet

Tips to burring your dead pets (dogs, cats, mice and rats, and even birds!)

Find a spot that is closest to you, a place that you can visit often and pay your respects to your lost dead cat/dog/pet/mouse/bird or any other pet you have.

If you are religious, you might want to do a prayer, asking God to take good care of your pet, or just simply praying for it to be happy where ever it is… You can invent your own prayers, just voice your worries, your hopes, your fears and your sadness.

What I think is a good way to relieve yourself at least a bit of the guilt, sadness and misery, is to:

  • Write a letter to your dead cat or dog or pet.

Your letter can be anything you want it to be.
It can say that your sorry (if it was your fault).

  • Light a candle
  • Talk with friends about it
  • Chat online about your dead pet
  • Write it down in a diary or book
  • Do EFT – emotional freedom Technique that clears away any sadness, pain and emotional problems. It’s free.
  • Tell us about it and we’ll share your sorrows with you! Just write a comment below about what happened, how it happened and what you did about it. It always feels better to talk about things.