Introducing new cats when moving into a new home that neither pet owner has lived in before?

Introducing new cats when moving into a new home that neither pet owner has lived in before?
concretebrunette asked:

Okay, I have a cat, and my boyfriend has one. In the future we plan on moving into an apartment together, instead of me moving into his house or him moving into mine. So we have a unique cat situation. We won’t be introducing cats to a house that already has cats. So not only will we have the trauma of a new house, but throw in a new cat as well. Neither of them will have the “home field” advantage. How difficult will this be?

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4 thoughts on “Introducing new cats when moving into a new home that neither pet owner has lived in before?

  1. Barry W

    Cat Suicide

    When you are ready to move , let a friend move your cat , have them make the trip a little stressful. You be waiting for your cat at the new apartment … thus the cat sees you as his savior. You saved it from the evil stranger who plucked it from its old sanctuary..and then save it … your cat will be thrilled just to be with you. ditto for the boyfriends cat. GOOD LUCK

  2. SisterCF

    Cat Breakdance

    I have moved many times and taken my cats with me. First get them each a travel cage, and once you have moved, leave them in the cages for a few hours until the trauma of moving has settled a little. Then let one out at a time. Let them smell around the house, see that there are things they have been familiar with (furniture, their bed, food bowls, etc). After that cat has settled down some, then put it in another room and let the other cat out and go through the same process. Then once they feel more comfortable with their surroundings you can bring them together for the “meeting.” It will take them a while to get used to each other. But before you know it they will be best friends.

  3. t-bone

    Cat Flea

    When you first get into the house make sure you both hold the cats in your arms until they want to get down on their own one of the cats will be the Alpha cat and it wont take long to find out but keep a small sprayer just in case i don’t think your worries will a problem Cats are very cool they get along better than people for sure, when you and your boyfriend are angree with each other that cats will jump in your arms and wont let you alone unless you act nice also. . good luck

  4. Nancy F

    Devil Cat Dance and Cat Song

    Patience for a slow and long introduction is most important for a successful relationship between the cats. Each cat should initially have it’s own “safe” room. Once it feels comfortable in its room, you can allow them ONE AT A TIME to come out of the room and explore the house; this also puts their scent throughout the house. Getting comfortable with the other cat’s scent is important, so put a towel with the other cat’s scent with each other. Take several days with this process and they should be fine with each other.


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