How do I keep neighborhood cats from pooping on my lawn?

gravylegmistake asked:

I live in a fairly typical suburban area with many cat owners. For some reason they crap on my front lawn (the cats not the cat owners!). I thought only dogs did this, as cats like to bury their turds in soft dirt or ground cover. And yeah, they are definitely cat turds. I have a dog and know the difference.

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How do i stop cats from ********** in my flowerbeds?

Stina Marie asked:

The neighborhood that i live in has several ferrel cats and a few outside cats that are pets. I don’t want to harm the animals i just don’t want to find cat fecies in my flowerbeds or walk into my back yard and smell cat urine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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How to stop cats from going to the bathroom in certain places outside?

Me asked:

We have two cats and we live on three acres out in the country, so they are indoor/outdoor cats. The problem is that around our house are gravel walkways and a gravel driveway and the cats have decided to use these areas to pee and poop. Every time we go outside we smell it, and it’s especially strong in the area where our patio table is (so who wants to sit and eat there???). Is there any kind of safe cat deterrent that we can spray there that will actually work?

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