How do i stop cats from ********** in my flowerbeds?

Stina Marie asked:

The neighborhood that i live in has several ferrel cats and a few outside cats that are pets. I don’t want to harm the animals i just don’t want to find cat fecies in my flowerbeds or walk into my back yard and smell cat urine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    buy a tiger. no, seriously, the gardening section of most discount stores have a product that comes in a yellow box, you sprinkle it around your flowers and it tricks the cats/dogs into thinking that another animal has marked that territory as theirs.

  2. Evil Cat

    Putting down pellets of lion/tiger dung (available from most nurseries and garden centres now) is one way to deter them. You could also try pepper dust (also available from garden centres). In my experience, these remedies are only effective some of the time and you may be better off chasing out cats each time you see them or spraying them with a hose- cats do have memories and will remember the unpleasant experience in your garden and so avoid it in the future. None of these solutions will actually harm cats but should just deter them.

  3. Rid Flea

    Try sprinkling chilli pepper on the ground amongst your blooms. It gets on the cats feet, which they lick, and they soon associate your flower beds with that unpleasant burning sensation, and will crap elsewhere. And it won’t hurt the cats. Of course your flowers won’t be as pretty!

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    If you want to spend little to no money you can put mothballs or cayenne pepper in the area. It irritates the pads of their feet. Or you can go to your local pet store where they sell a spray or powder like substance you sprinkle around the area to keep them away. IF you purchase the spray it only lasts 24 hours so it would be something you would have to do daily. And lastly, there are also plants that are sold that you can plant in your flowerbed to keep them away. Best of luck to you….I had the same problem recently. We purchased some stuff called Critter Ridder by Havahart that lasts thirty days and you just sprinkle it out of the top of the container.

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    “marigolds”………they can’t stand em and plus they look nice and bloom well into fall frosts! which means the blooms last a long time!

  6. Smallest Cat

    Here is a trick I use…Spread some moth balls in your flower bed. They smell awful and most critters will stay away. After a while they will sort “melt” away from rain and waterings. By that time, the cats should have it in their little heads not to come back to that spot to do their business. You may have to do it more than once, but eventually they will go elsewhere. Hope this helps.


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