How do I keep neighborhood cats from pooping on my lawn?

gravylegmistake asked:

I live in a fairly typical suburban area with many cat owners. For some reason they crap on my front lawn (the cats not the cat owners!). I thought only dogs did this, as cats like to bury their turds in soft dirt or ground cover. And yeah, they are definitely cat turds. I have a dog and know the difference.

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  1. Mary-Lee2511

    Smallest Cat

    i would make my dog an outside dog and leave him in the front yard on a chain to scare them so they wont crap in your yard =]

    good luck with this

  2. Cinderpelt

    Cat flushing toilet

    Buy a cat repellent and spray it all around the outside of your lawn. If you refresh this every couple of days, it should keep the cats out of your yard.

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  3. Elaine M

    Himalayan Cat

    Mow the lawn, the don’t like short grass, they prefer longer grass.

    However if what you’re seeing is possum or raccoon poop (it’ll smell to high heaven if it’s a possum) then shorter grass won’t affect them.

    A lot of people blame cats when it’s not the cats at all but the raccoons. Visually they look pretty close. poop wise.


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