Leo the Bengal Cat Rescue Story

How a Bengal Kitten Got Rescued!

“Leo is a Bengal cat who was very lucky.
I was behind our house near a creek when I heard mews. When I went down to the creek I saw a very small cardboard box floating down the creek. It got caught on a branch, when I went over to it I looked in and there was a very small bengal kitten lying there I picked it up and rushed up to my house being very careful with the very precious infant kitten in my hands. No one was home so I went into my room and shut the door the kitten was shivering it was in mid-autumn. The poor kitty didn’t even have it’s eyes open yet. It was mewing non-stop the little thing had no-idea what was going on. I got a warm flannel blanket and wrapped it up. It quickly fell asleep. I was scared at first, i didn’t know if it was dead, unconsious or asleep but it was breathing so I layed it down on my pillow and looking in my room every other second making sure it wasn’t awake got a baby bottle and fed the baby kitten some warm milk. At the time I didn’t know what I was supposed to do (turns out later I probably shouldn’t have done that) but it was all I had so I had to improvise. When I came in there I picked it up it opened it’s eyes, holding it in my arms I gently slided the bottle into it’s mouth and it drank, and drank! I was so happy! At the time I was 11 and was a very happy one at that! When my mother got home she saw me feeding the precious kitten and at first was about to say something then smiled and told me she’d be off at 2:30 at work. She left and I smiled. He only had a minor case of fleas which were properly treated. Mom let me keep him, she didn’t think we should waste time putting up fliers for a lost cat since it was more like abandon that lost. It’s been a year and Leo is a now a perfectly healthy, happy, handsome, and social kitty. “

Written by Chantel from Illinois United States

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Courtesy of: http://www.our-happy-cat.com/leo.html

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