My cat tends want to fight and attack my other cats! How do I stop this behavior?

My cat tends want to fight and attack my other cats! How do I stop this behavior?
Tania Y asked:

My cat was an outside cat! We had him for about 7 months! He is freindly with humans and loves to be petted/rubbed! However, he see my other cats and want to jump on them and bite! Then when we pick him up and take him to a seperate room he bites out hands! I am not sure if this aggressive behavior will change or if my cat will get along with my other cats!

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5 thoughts on “My cat tends want to fight and attack my other cats! How do I stop this behavior?

  1. canikeepthisname4ever

    Pet Supplies For Cat

    The occasional cat fight is expected in multiple cat households, because cats are territorial. However, when aggressive behavior becomes the norm, you can take steps to stop it. These are some cat training tips I use, and a few more from Friskies cat food: Identify the aggressor and victim, then separate the cats when they can’t be supervised. Give the aggressor corrective measures, and the victim rewards.
    Corrective measures can include: confinement in a less attractive space; place a collar and bell on the aggressor; squirt the aggressor with a water sprayer during aggressive acts. For the victim give rewards such as free roam of the house, plus edible and affection rewards. Gradually increase the supervised interaction, rewarding good behavior and using corrective measures against cat aggression.
    To help lessen the defensive posturing between housemates, take steps to make the cats smell similar to each other. Rub talcum powder on each cat or spritz cologne on your hands and when it is dry pet both cats (don’t put the cologne directly on the cat-their noses are much more sensitive than humans). You should use the same grooming tools (combs, brushes, towels, mitts) on both cats to transfer their scents to one another.

  2. itsmetrea

    Cat Scratching

    My cats use to do that, I just kinda yelled stop. They would chase each other around a couple minutes then stop. It wasn’t always the same one who did the chasing, different every time. I guess they just get grumpy, try to ignore if they aren’t killing each other. Good Luck!

  3. scusiak

    Grooming Cat

    I have a stray cat in my house too that lives on the streets until about a year and find that he also is very aggressive towards my smaller house raised cat, she is also much smaller and it’s quite upsetting to hear her screeching. From what I’ve read online, spraying can work to break up the fight, but may not necessarily inhibit fighting in the future (esp. if you’re not home all the time to referee).

    I’ve also read about suggestions regarding territorial behavior, which seem to make more sense to me. And it’s not necessarily about square footage, but how the space is broken up. So movie a piece of big furniture so that it breaks up a room, or getting one of those cat trees so that they can separate themselves and have their own “territory.”

    To be honest, I’m not sure sometimes if it’s not a jealousy issue over my attention. My female cat is very affectionate and wants a lot of attention from me, but while he seems to want attention as well, he doesn’t “ask” for it as often, and so does not receive as much attention. I find sometimes if I try to remember to give him little bit of additional attention here and there, the fights don’t seem to be as common! Could that be an issue with them?


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