Can tuxedo cats give birth to kittens of different colors?

Kait asked:

This question sounds pretty silly, I know. But I’m curious! My cat is pregnant and both she and the father are “tuxedo” cats (black and white). Have any of you had a tuxedo cat that gave birth to other colors? Do cats pass along genetic traits the way humans do?
In response to an answer I recieved- I had adopted both of these cats into my home as adults and upon taking the female to get spayed, I learned that she was pregnant. So your “lecture” was not needed. Thanks.

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  1. Cat Grooming

    yes, they can have ‘other’ colors appear in the babes … depends on previous gene pools … care to share a direct email and i’ll show ya our collection of 7 from a tuxedo female (although i don’t know the dad(s)) … not one of the 7 is tuxedo, although, her sole survivor from a prior litter is almost a spittin’ image of mom … strange i do say … marvelously strange.

    and what’s really funny is the genetic traits question … i think so, each kitten seems to have “a” marking of mom’s on them .. none have the same but each is unique to the babe and common to mom, it’s really neat.

    i don’t know if they’ll remain as the kittens grow and be as recognizable as they are now, but we’ll see. care to share ??? email me a ‘standard’ address cause i don’t know how to share pics, here.


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