The One Simple Step To Saving Your Cat’S Life

Lynne Gordon asked:

Why would you feed your cat ‘natural’ cat food? Why, you ask. Because they are going to be much healthier than if they are fed cat foods that are manufactured using high heat. These foods tend to be high in preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and many other items that are not considered a healthy alternative for your cat.

The owners of cats who take their food seriously will opt for a more natural cat food versus the mass produced type. Since cats are hunters, they are accustomed to eating meat. The meat-by products that are in canned food do not contain the high amount of animal protein that is required by cats.

Amino acids, which are an ingredient in animal protein, are used by cats to grow up healthy and continue to be healthy. One such ingredient is taurine. If a cat’s diet lacks this particular nutrient, they can become blind.

The diet required by cats is not covered in canned and dry cat foods. You may not even realize that the food you are feeding your cat is harming him. Just as you do not realize that some of the products used in cat food are items that cannot be used in human food. Unintentionally our cats are being starved of the foods that they need to be healthy and survive.

By giving your cat the most natural cat food that is available, you may be prolonging his life and the quality of it. Some of the best foods for cats are lean ground meat such as beef. You can mix the beef with a vegetable and brown rice. Whole grains are also good for cats. The home made food can be cooked or it can be served raw. It really depends on your cat’s preferences.

Experts lean towards a raw diet because it is more like the one they would be eating if they were still in the wild. While many people oppose this because they are concerned with the pet getting food poisoning from the raw meat, there has been no instance of this happening. As long as the food is fresh, there should be no worries on this point.

Just feeding your cat vegetables is not a good idea. The cat’s diet has to be as close to the one he would eat in the wild as possible. Protein, which is one of the most important parts of a diet are only found in meats and some vegetables.

Organic cat food should not be confused with natural cat food. The organic is grown using no pesticides. Although now we are learning that farmers are allowed by the FDA to use a limited amounts of pesticides and still call their food ‘organic’.

Natural means the food has the vitamins and minerals still intact that your cat will need to develop and remain healthy. Natural cat food is being used by more and more cat lovers daily. The only problem with natural cat foods is the over-processing that it must undergo. And after so much cooking and boiling, most of the nutrients that are reinserted in the food are of an artificial nature. The next step in this unhealthy cycle is of course to then introduce perservatives to maintain color, taste and balance. It is a vicious cycle indeed and our cats are suffering for it. No responsible cat owner would ever settle for feeding his or her cat dangerous crap for the sake of convenience.

Save your cat’s life!

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Mommy, share your ice cream with me!

Table scraps are not a healthy cat food diet and are a major cause of digestive disorders in cats.
People give their pet dogs and cats all kinds of foods that are not good for them, forgetting they are animals, have different digestive systems than we do and do not brush teeth.

Then some are surprised their poor little kitty cat has the runs (Diarrhea) or constipation issues, and next, they suppose that pumping meds into their cats’ body will resolve the issue…

Remember, camouflaging the simptoms with meds is not treating the root cause of the problem.

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California natural cat food!

Many people seem to think that California Natural cat food is the healthiest cat food that there is.

I have asked myself why is California natural cat food so special?

And so this is what I have found out about California natural cat food for cats.

California Natural Dry Cat Food has only the healthiest, purest and simplest ingredients that are available any where online for your special cat. California Natural Cat Food has balanced ingredients like herring oil and sunflower oil which have the health supplements Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids which make your cat a shiny coat and healthy skin.

California Natural Cat Food is created with lean meats, essential vitamins and minerals, full meats and tasty extras.

California Natural Dry Cat Food combines wholesome and healthful ingredients to provide the perfect

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