Is it a Good Diet for Cats to Eat Fried Chicken and Table Scraps?

Are Table Scraps a Healthy Cat Food Diet?

Cats Eating Ice Cream with you!

Mommy, share your ice cream with me!

Table scraps are not a healthy cat food diet and are a major cause of digestive disorders in cats.
People give their pet dogs and cats all kinds of foods that are not good for them, forgetting they are animals, have different digestive systems than we do and do not brush teeth.

Then some are surprised their poor little kitty cat has the runs (Diarrhea) or constipation issues, and next, they suppose that pumping meds into their cats’ body will resolve the issue…

Remember, camouflaging the simptoms with meds is not treating the root cause of the problem.

The worst is giving your pet cats sweets and spicy food scraps, or oily fried foods.
These kind of sweet and oily junk foods can also damage our bodies, by causing obesity and artery blockage, heart attacks, high blood pressure, moodiness and so on… and such foods are equally bad for your pets.

A simple, consistent, healthy natural raw cat food diet is the good diet for cats and keeps cat system functioning as it should. Natural raw cat food is the best cat food.

If you feed your cats unnatural cat foods and spicy foods, don’t be surprised if your cat gets bad gas, bad breath, diarrhea, etc.

Salty foods can also damage your cats’ health.

Spoiled Cat

In addition, whether you give your cats junkfood table scraps, or even if you feed your cat on quality costly foods you yourself eat, you might end up with a finicky eater on your hands.

You see, if your cat develops a taste for a juicy steak, a hamburger, Russian caviar, smoked salmon or other delicacies, cat might stop eating her own cat food.

And then what. So, unless you have lots of time, aren’t away most of the day at work, cook every day, can afford feeding cats on deli foods (Especially true for large cats), never plan on going away on a holiday…
Then make sure your cat eats her quality [dry cat food->](i.e., Kibble – which doesn’t go bad if left out for many hours) and give her some table scrap tit bits or an evening dinner with you.

It’s also advisable to not get cats used to eating at the table with you, so that they do not bother you and your guests at meal times or climb up to steal food while you’re dining.

Some people are lonely hearts, have no kids and love to dine with their cats.
If your cats want to share with you your meal then only ever give them cooked meat, without the bones.
If your food is salty, oily or spicy, then prepare a separate homemade cat food dish for your cats, and dine together. Bon Apetit!

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Some people (including us) feed their cats with [natural raw food diet for cats-> raw-food-for-cats-and-dangers-of-commercial-cat-foods]

Have yummy homemade cat food recipe ideas or stories to share?

We’d all love to hear from you about your cat food diet ideas and cat feeding stories!
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