Cat Gets Stuck in Bomb Detection Machine in Newport Airport

Nervous Fat Cat Stuck in Airport

Fat Cat
Fat Cat

Two days ago, a fat nervous kitty got herself lodged under a bomb-detection machine at Newark  Airport during the morning rush hour, making its owner miss her flight to Florida and go through 20 minutes hassle to get her out again.

A woman and her young daughter had the brown-and-black cat in a carrier but when they removed it so the container could go through the X-ray machine, the freaked-out feline ran under the CTX explosive-detection device, Port Authority officials said.

They didn’t think of opening a jar of tuna to lure her out again or giving her a cat treat, instead they called the police who tried using a snare to get her out but the cat avoided it cleverly.

They then used a hydraulic device to lift the thousand pound CTX machine and free the fat cat that had worked its way under 4 inches of clearance.

That checkpoint was closed and passengers were diverted to another machine.

The combination of the snare and a “hydraulic spreader” to lift an end of the bomb-detection machine allowed the officers to free the cat and return it to the owner and her daughter.

“The guys did a good job,” Booncome said.

The woman and her daughter missed their Continental Airlines flight to Florida, but were ecstatic that the cat was unharmed. They planned to return for departure today.

The woman seemed very stressed out but the fat cat didn’t seem to be bothered one single bit.

It simply lay there and seemed to smile.

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