World’s FATTEST Cat Video!

The Fattest Cat in the World!

Man, this cat is FAT! Check it out for yourself on this video:

After posting this one, i just found an even FATTER kitty! Jickes, this one is REALLY fat!

What do you think about that? Isn’t that cat a poor little thing?
After all, even though some people say that they like “their cats nice and squishy and fat” there is also the animal to consider:
Fat is not very healthy and can cause all kinds of health problems such as diabetes, lung problems, heart failure, kidney issues, cancer and so much more.

How can that poor fat thing even MOVE up and down the stairs or run about after mice? I don’t suppose that it really can. Do you think that your cat would be happy so fat as this one?

Why do you think that his owners let him or make him so fat? For the fame?
If so, I’d rather have a healthy and happy cat then a fat cat!

What do you think? Is it good to have a fat cat or not?
Share your thoughts with us below.

Thanks, Camille

4 thoughts on “World’s FATTEST Cat Video!”

  1. Overweight is very unhealthy, whether in cats or in humans or other species; and though we may think “round is cute”, Mitzi is doing well to slim down. Very glad her new person is helping her withthis, so that hopefully, she will live a long time and be healthy. btw, the people holding the cats are failing to support their hindquarters, which can cause discomfort and is not the proper way to hold a cat. The vet tech should absolutely know better!

  2. I think that is horrible. At least Mitsy’s new owner saw the danger and started her on a diet.
    That poor second kitty needs to be taken away from the owners or at the very least monitored. The poor thing can’t climb a flight of stairs without stopping at the top to rest.

    • That’s right! I really feel sorry for the poor fat thing. it is VERY unhealthy and dangerous for the cat too! people like that shouldn’t have cats!


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