Vote for Bees, Ohs and Tees – Cutest Cats in the World Cat Photo Contest

Help Bees, Ohs and Tees Win The Cover Cat Photo Competition

Vote for Bees, Ohs and Tees - Help them win the Cutest Cats in The World Cover Cat Contest!
These three cats were born feral kittens and I spent a lot of time getting them to where they would come to my house to eat.

Then the mom abandoned them, and so the tabby almost starved to death since he didn’t know where to come for the food, so I went over four or five times a day to try to get him to follow me back to our house.

I finally got him to eat. It took a long time.

In the picture you can see the two brothers holding tails.

Help Bees, Ohs and Tees win this cat photo competition!

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33 thoughts on “Vote for Bees, Ohs and Tees – Cutest Cats in the World Cat Photo Contest

  1. Max the Quilt Cat

    Love this picture and think it should definitely be on the cover. It is spectacular and personifies all things Cat…. That’s for sure.


  2. Old Kitty

    This picture speaks volumes of the closeness of kitties and how loving they are when happy and loved! Wonderful!! Take care

  3. Ginger Jasper

    This is a fabulous picture and deserves to be on the cover as it shows cat love and closeness so well.. I love it

  4. Marion Simbrowsky

    I’ve never seen a picture where two kitties just about intertwinning their tails.

    The best of friends look.

    Priceless and adorable.

  5. caren gittleman

    In my opinion the crossed tails of the two kitties says it all!!

    It is sweet and speaks volumes!

    This is DEFINITELY cover material!

  6. "The Boys" and Karen

    “The Boys” and I voted for you for the photo contest. We haven’t seen kitties hold tails like that, although we know kitties cuddle when sleeping.

    Good luck.

  7. Hannah and Lucy

    We think this is one of the best pictures we have seen – the closeness of the cats and the crossing of the tails is just wonderful. I just so love this picture.


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