25 thoughts on “THE CATS – SCARLET RIBBONS ( 1969 )”

  1. Cat Trampoline

    Woooow, what a wonderful group this was. I am reliving my teens…..dancing this song with my boyfriend, what a feeling it was…….and still is…this music!!!
    Thank you soooo much for posting this.

  2. Cat Flushes human toilet

    You’re right, Rene. Aphrodite’s Child’s “Rain and Tears” is sweet! And I often sing it during this rainy season, while the sky is cloudy and the rain start dripping (And my friends seem to wonder, “Is this climate effect on Eko?”)
    Keep enjoying Youtube, Rene!

  3. Evil scary Cats

    Yap! I listen to Cats — and other oldies singers/bands , while I also listen to Rihanna and other singers/band of 2009. And my friends use to say, “Gee, you’re like my Granny!”. Ha-ha-ha! Ah, Rita, if they only knew, I listen to music from many era,many genre, many countries — so many music bring pleasure to my ear and heart.

  4. Evil Cat attacks

    I peeked in to say good-night,
    When I heard my child in prayer.
    And for me some Scarlet Ribbons,
    Scarlet Ribbons for my hair.

    All the stores were closed and shuttered,
    All the streets were dark and bare.
    In our town no Scarlet Ribbons,
    Not one ribbon for her hair.

    Thru the night my heart was aching,
    Just before the dawn was breaking.
    I peeked in and on her bed,
    In *** profusion lying there,
    Lovely ribbons, Scarlet Ribbons,
    Scarlet Ribbons for her hair.

  5. Scary Cat

    A little bit different; Man hears daughter pray to “someone”(God?) pray for scarlet ribbons,the next morning he finds scarlet ribbons on her bed. He’ll never know (if I live to be one hundred ) were they came from.
    Are you a Cats fan too ?

  6. Cat flushed toilet

    Hi, Rita!I just did your suggestion. Yes, Orbison sings Scarlet Ribbon in the way that makes it easier to understand the lyric. Now I know the song is like a fairy tale: a father finds scarlet ribbon in her daughter’s room — where does it come from when no store is open? (And what a sweet father he is, dont you think?) Thanks for your info, Rita!

  7. Evil Cat attack

    Palingsound is verzonnen voor de Cats en tegenwoordig heet alles wat uit Volendam komt Palingsound maar de kwaliteit vd Cats en de rest ligt wat mij betreft qua “sound”ver uit elkaar. The Cats steken met kop en schouders boven alles uit, Sorry


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