Cat Found Wrapped in Duct-Tape

Cat Found Abandoned in Philadelphia

On September 23. 2009, a Philadelphia woman found the beneath pictured cat, wrapped from tail to head in duct-tape. The cat had been abandoned in her yard and only its head was uncovered.

She immediately called the PSPCA (Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), who have since been taking care of the poor cat.

Luckily for the cat, the duct-tape had not been on her too long, and was therefore easily removed with a pair of sizors. She did not lose to much hair in the process.

“Whoever did this is very sick,” said George Bengal, director of the PSPCA.

“I’ve never, ever seen a cat totally wrapped like a mummy before,” he told 6ABC.

[watch the video here]

“She is a female cat, about 1 or 2 years old, very cudely and sweet! We asume that she was a house cat.
We have named her ‘Sticky’.” another RSPCA worker informed the press.

“She’s a very friendly little thing,” said Gail Luciani, PSCPA spokeswoman. ” She was purring while we were preparing to take the tape off, even while we were getting her sedated.”

A 1000$ reward is offered, to anyone who has any clues to who was behind this animal abuse.

Anyone with information about this case please call the PSPCA’s cruelty hotline at 866-601-7722.

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