Which Cat Food Bowls are safe for cats to eat from? Ceramic Cat food bowls, Plastic cat food bowls or stainless steal cat food bowls?

Which Cat Food Bowls & Cat Food Dishes are safe for your Cats to eat from?

By: Cats Camille

What Cat Food Bowls and Cat Food Dishes are Safe for my Cat to use?

Cat Food dishes are a very common and easily found cat food item. Yet sometimes, if there isn’t a shop in your near you might have to go online to find the right cat food dish. In which case you should first compare a few different cat food dishes and cat food bowls before desiding for one spesific cat food bowl.

You can also compare prices for your cat food dish in a few different shops, but mostly the prices for cat food dishes will be the same, since it’s such a low priced item any way…..

All cats need to eat from something and of course if you have a cat you will need to have a cat food dish or food bowl. There are the most common kinds of cat food dishes such as plastic food dish for cats, stainless steal cat food dish and a ceramic or porcelan cat food bowl.

Compare these three most common cat food dishes and cat food bowls to find which one is the right one for your cat!

There are three common kinds of cat food bowls and cat food dishes:

  1. A ceramic or porcelan cat food dish
  2. A plastic cat food bowl
  3. A stainless steel cat food dish

A Ceramic or Porcelan Cat Food Dish

A lot of ceramic and porcelan cat food dishes are very beautifully decorated. Ceramic Cat food dishes are heavier then other cat food dishes and wont fall over if thrown around. However if you buy a fancy painted cat food bowl, make sure that it is marked “safe for food”. Some fancy, decorated and beautiful cat food dishes contain lead in the paint or glaze (or other things), which is poisonous when eaten by humans or pets. Usually if the food dishes are safe for people to use, then they will probably be safe for your cat.

Just check to make sure!

Plastic Cat Food Bowl – safe or not?

Plastic cat food bowls are commonly sold in pet supply stores and are easy to clean, can not be broken and are usually very cheap too.

Nevertheless, plastic cat food dishes are not highly recommended.
They tend to get scratched easily and could house bacteria that will make your cat or kitten sick.

The plastic cat food dishes also get slime on the sides and that can caus serious problems for your cat and for you too.

Our cats like to play with any water dish or cat food dish and fling them across the floor causing a lot of mess and water. There for plastic bowls aren’t recommended since they are easier to fling and knock over and can really caus a big mess!

WARNING: Sometimes, a very cheap plastic cat food dish might come with a very sharp edge that could perhaps cut your cats lips or skin. Therefor check any plastic cat food dishes before buying any cat food dish or bowl.

Stainless Steel Cat Food Bowls:

Stainless steel bowls are solled almost everywhere. Stainless steal cat food bowls are dishwasher safe and sturdy. However there are some minuses to consider before buying any stainless steal cat food dish….

Some people think that stainless steel cat food bowls are not a good choice either since they give the cat food a bad metallic taste. Although I never had a bad experience with steal cat food dishes, (since I have never bought a stainless steal cat food dish for my cats) I can imagine that it probably would have the same affect as our steal pott that made us sick!

However since i personly have not tried it, you could give it a go if you wanted to!

3 Cat Food Bowl Tips:

1. Whatever type of dishes you purchase, make sure they are washed out and refilled every day with clean fresh water.

2. Use a wet sponge to rub the sides and corners of the cat food dish to make sure that no bacterias and slime are growing there.

3. TIP: When you choose any cat food dishes for your cat, buy something that is sturdy, dishwasher safe and made of metal or ceramic that wont brake if your cat/s knock it over and wont make the cats food taste bad!

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