How do outdoor cats do when you move?

princess75 asked:

One of the neighborhood cats had a kitten. We have been feeding it and playing with it and it has gotten very used to us. It is about 7 months old. We are thinking of moving and taking the cat but are afraid it will run away or not be happy. It would have to stay an outside cat where we move. Our neighbor is also moving and said they would take it (as well as about 4 other neighborhood cats) and make it an indoor cat. The mother would go too. What is better for the cat?

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What sort of territory does the average house cat have outside, and what do cats do when they roam?

magistra_linguae asked:

I have two indoor cats, and although they seem perfectly happy in my three-bedroom house, I was wondering about how it compares to the space they’d have to roam in if they were allowed outside and whether they’d be significantly more active there than inside.

Does anyone have any idea how large the roaming territory of domesticated cats is, or how much they actually do roam? Does it depend on the territories of other neighborhood cats, geographical markers such as roads and creeks, the gender of the cat, or the cat’s personality? And what do cats do when they’re wandering around the neighborhood?

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