How do cats and other animals tolerate the cold of winter?

Mieeo asked:

Especially cats, since they are so tiny. It is hard to believe that their fur does much when the weather is so snowy and freezing cold. My young cat will stay outside for hours at a time. Which brings me to another question, is there a way I can get my cat to be more of an indoor cat? It always wants to go outside unless it is hungry.

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5 thoughts on “How do cats and other animals tolerate the cold of winter?”

  1. funny Cat Jump

    Have you heard of “just say No!”? That’s what you need to do. Especially the cat needs to stay in for the night in the winter.

    Dont’ expect her to accept your decision graciously and you have the power to not open the door.

    Actually a small animal has less surface area of its body to lose heat so they may be able to withstand the cold better than a larger animal.

  2. Flea Busters

    Here is my take on question two. Once a cat has tasted the great out doors it is all over. My cat drives me nuts to go out, and if I do not let him, he will start to pee on things so I will kick him out. As far as the fur goes that can withstand crazy cold temps. I would say if he is comfy with it then it’s okay. Just try and watch him and make sure he is always hydrated and full when he goes out.

  3. Flea Tick

    They have a way of finding all the cozy spots to sleep. If they stay out in the cold a lot, they need more food. The extra food helps their bodies generate the heat they need to stay warm.

    I’m not sure how to get your cat to stay indoors. Is it fixed? That’s one thing that will help it want to stay in. But I had a cat once that wouldn’t stay in all the time unless it was cold outside. It’s hard to keep a cat inside when it starts “working” on getting out by tearing up the blinds, the door facings, etc.


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