Did you know cats are at a serious risk for heartworm disease?

grinninh asked:

Did you know that there is no safe treatment for heartworm disease in cats?

Did you know giving a monthly preventative is the only way to protect your cat against this life threatening disease?

Did you know that indoor cats are just as at risk if not more than outdoor cats?

-As prevelant as Felv/Fiv
-signs include coughing,vomiting,gagging,weight loss
-Cats can be treated with prednisone but still face the risk of sudden death when a heartworm dies.
-Monthly preventative heartgard,interceptor,revolution and adavantage monthly are effective against heartworm disease.

This is not just another way for a vet to make money. It is a deadly disease that can be prevented.

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5 thoughts on “Did you know cats are at a serious risk for heartworm disease?”

  1. Cat Urine

    this is all true. i have had people come to me with the misnomer that dogs were the only animals susceptible to heartworms. that is far from the truth. thank you for this information and hopefully, there will be many people who will read it and act on it.

  2. Flea Problem

    Excellent points, I hope everyone reads it and takes it to heart..Also there is NO treatment for a cat with heartworm disease like there is for dogs….there is only supportive care.

  3. Cat Attacks

    Yep- a client of ours had a cat die suddenly. The vet performed a necropsy and found ONE HEARTWORM in the cat’s heart. That was the cause of death. The poor kitty was strictly indoors and only 3 years old. My cats are on Revolution.

  4. Cat Trampoline

    My mother had a cat that lived to 17 who never had a vaccine in her life, and she was an outdoor cat that brought home a good number of “gifts” for my mom.

    I don’t deny that what you are saying is true, I just don’t think that it’s as out there as you think.


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