25 thoughts on “Cat House on the Kings”

  1. Cute kitten

    I went there yesterday (6/13/09) and she doesn’t live in the big house any more – she lives on the property in a smaller house. It is truly amazing! She now has over 700 cats and we just adopted our puppy Charlie from her.

  2. Funny Cat

    This video makes me feel good. The cats are so peaceful and happy. Jack, you did a great job producing the video. I like your narration too. Your voice is pleasant and has just the right tone.

  3. PooPoo the Cat

    Regret not being able to come and help (non US). May there be many people like you! Wish I could follow this example and do same in my country.
    May you be showered with blessings!

  4. Funny Cat and Mouse

    what an amazing example this beautiful woman sets… When everyone else thinks there’s no other way, she found one. Not looking for recognition, but to see these beautiful life forms have the love, and life they deserve.

  5. Evil Cat attack

    Such awesome love and compassion following heart’s calling!
    cat kittys and dog puppies are shown some well-deserved mercy waiting for adoption to forever homes.
    God bless you kind woman,volunteers and video dude ~ big hugs to my friend for sharing this vid.

  6. funny Dog and Cat Pictures

    its cat heaven on earth! absolutely incredible! This would work wonders if there was something like this on the east coast. If I hit the powerball or mega i’d buy the land and the rest needed. wow this blows me away.


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