Very Funny Cats 35

yourfriendy asked:

Yay it is caturday! I can has cheezburger rules!– friend is back on number 1!

Cat and Catnip Mouse

25 thoughts on “Very Funny Cats 35

  1. Hopper4546

    Cat Compilations

    This really works i tried it 1. Cover your mouth with your hand
    2. Make a wish into it.
    3.Close your hand (make it into a fist)
    4. Hold you hand(the fist) to your heart for 5 seconds.
    5.Send this to 3 more videos.
    6. Tommorow will be the best day of your life

  2. DahNigga100

    Funny Cat and Dogs

    in 1820 a man named fredrick osloft one day he was working in his lab a ghost came by and killed him the next morning fredrick was nowhere to be seen 100 years later two boys went to the lab as a dare the boys were never seen again aparently murdered now that you have read this comment when you go to sleep fredrick and the boys will come and murder you but you can stop this by posting this comment on 5 other videos by midnight


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