25 thoughts on “the cure – love cats”

  1. Funny Cat Video

    Muppets?hmm? uhh…yeah, Kermit the frog would’ve rocked this song…not! don’t even know if that frog was a muppet. Don’t care. I do know he was a puppet complaining about being green. I wasn’t allowed 2 watch anything w/ Bert and Ernie-my mom thought it inappropriate for 2 men to be sleeping in the same bed. LOL
    Makes me want to skate/snowboard too-I’m shite at skating-lots of girls are-but brilliant idea. Bloody good song. I agree-bass is great. Cats do kickass! But I’m biased-I have 3

  2. Cat Flushes human toilet

    1.Think of your crush
    2.Make a heart with your hands
    3.Then kiss your hands while still making the heart
    4.Then put the heart where your real heart is
    5.This will only work if you post this to ur favorite love song

    The next time you see your crush he will say that he loves you with all of his heart and then ask you out.
    This seriously works i promise


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