Is Your Cat Overweight? It’S Not Your Fault

Lynne Gordon asked:

Is food from the pet store better for your cat than homemade cat food? After all the cat food companies are the experts…right? Not to mention the fact that all you have to do is open a can or a bag and dish it out. Well some people might beg to differ with you. They feel that homemade cat food is the better alternative.

In the days when people did not have easy access to the store to buy food for their cats, they fed them from what they had available which was basically, homemade cat food. Did you ever notice those cats were around for a long time? You did not see a different cat every time you went to their house. So maybe there is something to feeding your cat food that is a little healthier than the canned variety.

After all, with all the recalls that have been in the news as of late, for cat food as well as people food, maybe we would all be healthier if we cooked our own food instead of simply opening a can. The truth of the matter is, you can feed your cat either home made cat food or some thing that can be eaten without being cooked and they will eat that far better than the store bought food.

Pet food that is made commercially may not have all the nutritional supplements that cats need in a daily diet. The food is processed using extremely high temperatures and this could cause some loss of vitamins. Another additive is animal fats. When these are added to the commercial cat food to make it more appealing to your pet, you are feeding your cat food that is tantamount to you eating junk food all the time.

Additionally when animal fats and other preservatives are added, they are enough to make your cat become quite overweight, develop diseases, and lose all their energy. No longer do they feel like jumping and chasing imaginary mice. They become lazy and fat. The number one thing to remember about cats is they were born to be hunters and catch their food.

By eating uncooked meat, they were getting the necessary nutrients to keep in good shape.

When modern day cats became house pets, the need to hunt was forsaken. Instead, they spend most of their time inside and when they are fed canned cat food, the result is they become the cat version of the couch potato. Just by experience, many people have figured out that by feeding their cats a healthier more natural diet they are living longer and healthier lives.

If you consider using either meat-by products or real meat, do you think your cat would prefer home made cat food? Sure he would!  Which would you prefer? Something that you opened from a can that had artificial flavors, preservatives, animal fats, and meat-by products or would you rather have something that you made.

Cats are the same; and most times, even more finiky than we are. They would rather have homemade cat food.

Change the food that you are serving your cat to preserve his health and prevent an early death.

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