Mom cat, once homeless, finally brings her little family

maynardcat asked:

Sadie the once homeless mom cat came to me weeks ago desperate and hungry. I had seen her off an on in various parts of the area, but didn’t know she was homeless, and I thought she was a farrel cat, but she is actually very friendly and affectionate, but then again maybe desperation made her that way. She had the kittens hid about a half block away, and I believe they were in an abandoned garage. She was constantly hungry with kittens nursing and would make numerous trips back and forth during the day, which wasn’t safe to do. She finally decided it was time to entice her kittens to come to a safe place. This morning there she was on the back steps with her 4 tiny kittens, looking as if to say look what I brought you, won’t you please help them too. My vet set for 50.00 she would spay, neuter, and keep the kittens until they are adopted out to a good home. I would keep them, but I already have quite a few rescued kitties.

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