25 thoughts on “Herding Cats”

  1. Ninja Cat

    I think you have to be a CAT HERDER to really get a laff from this. FUNNY VIDEO. And yeah, I’m a CAT HERDER (not to be confused with a CAT HOARDER). ;-)

  2. Cute kitten

    hahahahahaha.. don’t know who that company is, and apparently they’re going down according to previous comments, but that was FUNNY and an ingenious commercial.

  3. Mouse with Parasite

    I run my own business and we have joked for years about herding cats, this is a great commercial. I think anytime one deals in bright specialized people, it is like herding cats. I can say I am glad I didn’t take the job offer with EDS. Its more fun and profitable to do it yourself. Better still is my ability to share with my people.


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