Ghostbusters (1984) “Cats and Dogs” speech in Mayors Office

LarryNorman asked:

Mayor calls in the Ghostbusters as to what they can do about the supernatural events. Maybe should have called it the “Disaster of Biblical proportions” speech. Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Harold Ramis.

Cat singing a Song

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25 thoughts on “Ghostbusters (1984) “Cats and Dogs” speech in Mayors Office

  1. DeathInTheSnow

    Cat Flushes human toilet

    Ah, the mass hysteria speech, as sampled on ‘Mass hysteria'(Hive Remix, to be accurate) by Bad Company (not the aging rock band. I mean the guys that also did ‘The Nine’). I don’t know if it’s on all copies of it, but It was on my version on “Dieselboy Presents – The Human Resource”.

  2. Lightinggirly7

    Funny Cat Jump

    : D Kewl eh?

    Im playing it on the Wii

    Im dissapointed that its cartoonish on the Wii instead of more real like the 360 [But i guess its understandable]

    x3 Great game!

  3. FuriousGeorge1985

    Cat Attacks

    anyone else playing the new videogame? Its awesome! i’m playing on 360 but its avail on all systems and its DEFINITELY worth a play through for a casual fan and a must play for a big fan :D

  4. jdolaktv

    Cat accident

    Peter: You can believe Mr. Pecker

    Peck: My name is “Peck”!

    Peter: Or you can accept the fact that this city is headed for a disaster of Biblical proportions

    Mayor: What do you mean “Biblical”?

    Ray: What he means is Old Testament Mr. Mayor Real Wrath of God type stuff Hellfire and Brimstone falling from the sky Rivers and seas boiling

    Egon: 40 years of darkness, earthquakes Volcanoes

    Winston: The dead rising from the grave


  5. tag216

    Very Funny Cat Pictures

    ur reading this u cant go back there was a dad who got pissed cuz he got layed off so he went home took a knife went to his 13 year old daughter and slit her neck! if ur reading this and don’t forward to 10 vids the 13 year old girl be sitting on the endge of the bed waiting for tha when u wake up who ever takes care of u will find u in the tube full of bloode with ur throat slit and than the 13 year old will come to who ever takes care of u so hury don’t be the less ”””


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