Wonder Momma Cat nurses her Kittens AND Orphaned Puppies

Wonder Momma Cat Nurses Kittens AND Pupps!

Wonder Momma Cat nurses her Kittens AND Orphaned Puppies

Latest Cute-Cat news:

A Siamese cat called Amanda, living in Beaver, gave birth to two cute kittens on March 7th. The same day, a Pomeranian Dog living in the same house who was named Lucy gave birth to seven healthy puppies. However, only days after the puppies birth, their mother dog fell ill and died.

Amanda, the ever kind mother cat took pity upon the little puppies and let them suckle along side her kittens on her nipples.

She now nurses her two newborn kittens and the orphaned litter of 7 puppies.

What a wonderful cat that is!

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Thanks and meows to all catlovers!

(AP Photo/Beaver County Times, Lucy Schaly)

26 thoughts on “Wonder Momma Cat nurses her Kittens AND Orphaned Puppies

  1. Tessa De Weghe

    This is so wonderful to see !!!! Wish humans were a bit more like that !!! Thanks for sharing this !!! Greetz, Tessa ;)

    1. CatCamille Post author

      I agree!! Most humans could do with a lesson of love and kindness to their fellow creatures and humans. Animals are so much kinder in some ways….Glad to have been able to share it with you guys! :-)

    1. CatCamille Post author

      Yes that’s true! I’m glad to have been able to share it with you! :-) Love and kisses to you. XXX Camille

    1. sarah

      you are are a either a really evil man or just stupid yes in your country it is normal to eat both cats and dogs , but this is a pet CAT lovers group who will be very upset by your words , please people dont let him upset you

  2. sarah

    we could learn alot by our animals , what a wonderful storyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmy heart is lifted

  3. Lorraine

    This horrible man- go and eat yourself, your family and your kids and then die a horrible death. Oh and by the way – come round here and I’ll teach you a lesson you will never forget you sick arse!!!

  4. makeji

    Den is either the purveyor of bad jokes or comes from an Asian culture that does indeed use dogs and cats as food. Many of our military that served in Vietnam were shocked to discover this to be the case. Many cultures do not regard dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, squirrels or other creatures that we have domesticated as pets – they are food or at best servants, i.e., barn cats and gurard dogs.

    Some of this thinking comes about because we are looking at 3rd world countries where food is hard to come by and living conditions are horrible. Having a pet is a luxury.

    We are seeing a bit of that thinking here, now that the country is in such a depression. While we aren’t eating our pets, people are abandoning them at record rates. They are the first to go when money gets tight.

    1. Camille

      @makeji: You are right probably about the lack of food problem….just i hate to think of him eating up my little pussy cat or any pet for that matter!!!

      I heard from somewhere, that in some places in America, when food is scarce, the pet owners end up living off pet food instead of buying normal food for themselves. Do you think that this can be true at all??
      How disgusting would that be for the human? to eat up cat food…yuck!

      But atleast they haven’t resolved to cooking their pets yet…and hopefully NEVER will!!


  5. Tessa De Weghe

    Ohh…are those pore men with nothing to live for being nasty again????? I think there are chirurges that can make a construction of balls !!!! So you don’t need to come here and say things to try and shock people, get a live suckers !!!!!! I love cats for their unconditional love !!!! I reported the sick bast**ds and have already ID. See what i can do !!!!! Greetings, Tease-ah <3

    1. CatCamille Post author

      Good good!!! I tried to do the same but couldn’t find him on FB?? The bad thing is that, he’ll just open another account again….anyway, maybe it will teach him a lesson not to go around being mean and saying nasty stuff on catlovers groups (even if he still eats them)!!!!!

      sighs. wish i could change the world to be better people….

  6. Tiny Timmy

    Den – I loves yous and wants to eat yous toos! Alsos, all mai other kitteh friends wish to join in. Raw is best, so stay outta da suns, k?

  7. Sissy

    I dont see how you can sleep at nite that would be like eating one of your kids for most people !!!!!!!!!!! Our cats & dogs are our kids & you would have to be sick in the head to eat a cat!!!!!!!!!!! I am a widow & never had any kids & im also disabled & if wasn’t for my animals I don’t know what I would do
    they should lock you away some where !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Aladdin

    Den is just wanting to make trouble on dis page…why did he come here and write such a comment, just to stir people up and make them angry. Just ignore him and his stupidity.

  9. connie

    Den Relojo is by no means an Asian name.
    He does not belong here and his offensive comment should be removed.

  10. Tiffany

    Horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also seen people eating dog in china. Chicken is okay, but dogs and cats are ridiculous!


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