Why You Should Adopt or Rescue a Shelter Animal.

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Before you add a new pet to your life, I would like to ask you to consider adopting a shelter or rescued animal. I have. Numerous times. And I have never regretted it. Ever. You won’t either. This video is about my recent experience with rescuing two dogs that were going to go on the “euthanize” list. In facilities like animal control, there are so many animals, cats and dogs, coming in. Daily. They just don’t have the capacity to keep them all. Also, animal control facilities many times are not set up as adoption centers. In other words, to make space, someone’s time comes. Someone has to go. And on a weekly basis, it’s not just someone. It’s many. I hadn’t walked thru an animal control facility before. I was actually there to pick up a dog who was being SAVED and was heading to an out-of-state rescue group. I decided to walk thru. The images of animal after animal will never leave me. An animal control facility is different than a shelter, or adoption facility. Animal control is a holding facility. The animals don’t get a nice place to sleep, or toys to play with. They are there until their owner comes to look for them, a rescue group comes to “tag” them for rescue or their time is “up”. It was mind-blowing to me to see how many dogs in the facility had microchips. The microchip number was listed on the paperwork. When I asked how come these dogs are still here? I received an answer that I would never have imagined. The owners don’t want to pay the “fee” to have their

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