Why One Should Avoid Hitting Cats

Why Should You Avoid Hitting Your Cats When Training Them?

did you scare your cat to death?
Did you scare your cat to death?

Some people think one should train a cat by hitting it into submission or by other mean ways, but I don’t think that’s a right thing to do.

Look, if you hit your cats, they’ll become scared of you and want to avoid you.
Cats, they are such independent and free spirited creatures. Hitting them infringes on their sense of freedom and safety. So they’ll often react to fight for their freedom of expression and spite you even more.
And grow to fear and hate you.

In addition,  if you hit your cats, similarly to hitting children, their soul gets so hurt that they’ll need to take it out on other creatures or people near them.
We see kids being bullies in school all the time; The meanest kids are the ones who are the saddest inside and who suffer most abuse- whether physical or even just verbal.
That hurt is captured and “stuck” and keeps seeking a way out.
The human or the cat keep trying to release the hurt again and again.

When kids turn into adults they tend to forget the old event but the hurt still rules their lives.
Humans can seek therapy, or release the hurt with [EFT->http://emofree.com] but cats cannot.

If there is no other cat around to bully, the offended cat will often take it back out on you and this can result in bad cat behavior.

Your cat will try to annoy you whenever it can!

If you hit your cat again, it will try to do something even worse, and if you hit again…it will go on and on.
Often it will create even more bad cat behavior problems, like breaking your vases, ripping up your favorite photographs, or scratching and ripping up your curtains, scratching the bed posts – in short, doing whatever it can to annoy you.

Besides, in some countries cat abuse and cat hitting is against the law, and you could get punished for it with fines or even by going to jail, same as for abusing a child!

It is a mean and cruel thing to hit cats or any creature!

Did you know:

  • Living in the Dominican Republic we see lots of pet abuse here. Starving, beaten and tortured cats and dogs are not a rare sight.
  • Churches here teach the population animals have no soul and no feelings, so Dominicans think it’s not an issue to harm them.
  • The Haitians and some Dominicans even eat cats, believing they’ll cure them of Asthma.

Cats Have Selective Short Memories

It is my firm belief that cats have selective short memories. What do I mean?
Cats can well remember feeding times and locations, because it is a vital issue to them. They remember where the litterbox is. But for other things, they are like infants; if something is no longer in front of their eyes they totally forget it and are busy concentrating upon something new which captured their eye.

Punishment simply doesn’t work with cats and is likely to make matters worse.
Cats don’t understand physical punishment.

hitting kitty will break all trust! Avoid hitting your cat!..

Tender Loving Care gets better results with cats!

Avoid hitting your cat!..

They don’t actually understand what you’re hitting them for, since cats have extremely short memories;

If you caught your cat scratching furniture and say it ran out of the room in fear of your growl, usually by the time they are out of the room where the offending scratching activity took place, they will forget what they did.

Next, you catch the cat and take it to the furniture that it had scratched a second ago and yell and hit it.
But your cat cannot understand what it was all about by now and only remembers your abuse.

This may make your cat insecure or revengeful.

Eventually you will break the trust and security that is the basis for your cat’s relationship with you, and you will find it very difficult to pet her or hold her at all. She might even try to escape you when you come to touch her, not knowing when you will hit her.

Cats hold serious grudges, so beware what you do. Use Tender Loving Care with your cats and kids.

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  1. WOW! i learned so MUCH from your article! you’re really a great cat expert! thanks so much for writing it! my son always thought that you have to hit the dogs and cats to train them, but i realize now that he was wrong. after all, the cat ran away two weeks ago and never came back again. I’ll know better next timee! thanks again!!


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