What should I do with my cats after flea treatment?

cohrsman asked:

I have fleas in my house and on my cats. I went to the vet and got the advantage drops for the cats. I have also sprayed my house, used a flea fogger, and have been vacuuming everything and cleaning the crap outta my house. Since both cats and the house have been treated should I continue to keep my cats quarantined in the bathroom or should I let them out. I’m thinking it’s probably ok to let them out now since the pesticide has had time to settle. Also, I think the advantage stuff on the cats is supposed to kill any fleas that jump on. I’m thinking it’s a good idea to let the cats run around so the remaining fleas that continue to hatch will jump on the cats and die. Advise?

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MamaMia says:
Poor you! [Flea infestation in house->] is a terrible thing. Flea treatment for cats and preventative flea control is vital to keep your home free of flea infestation.
Never let a week pass without cats being treated against fleas with a good flea prevention medication, like topical flea drops, for example.
Fleas will die when they bite the cat and get the poison from the cats’ blood.
You might wish to consider a [flea killing spray for house->] – there are some for home you could ocassionally use to make sure your home is free of flea infestation. When fleas infest a house they breed real fast, so better use flea prevention treatments from time to time.
Also, if you find [Advantage flea control for cats->] to not be so effective, try [Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Cats->] which is a stronger flea drop treatment for cats.
Some love the [Revolution flea control for cats->] which kills not only fleas and ticks on your cats but also more parasites cats suffer from and protects from heartworm too. It’s more expensive but works like a charm, sometimes Revolution’s flea repellant effects last for well over a month. It’s water proof and poison doesn’t come off on your hands when you pet your cats.

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    The products you used are all pediculicides. They work in three ways – killing live fleas, preventing eggs from hatching, and killing newly hatched fleas. If the products you have used on the house have settled, it is probably safe to let them out (just make sure nothing got on their food or water). Also, fleas that manage to hatch should die very quickly whether in your carpet or on your cats. Keep in mind, however, if you had a severe infestation, that you may need to do more than one round of treatment on the cats and on the house. Consult with your vet to make sure you leave the appropriate amount of time inbetween treatments so you and your animals are not over exposed.

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    The way to use advantage is once a month; to stop the infestation make sure you use it every mth. It would be best to let the cats out to pick up any fleas so that they will die. Just make sure the areas that the cats will lick doesn’t have any pesticide on them. Keep an eye on the cats for rash’s; due from flea bites that may get infected. If they get infected the cat or cats will need antibiotics.

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    If you use a house or premise spray that has IGR the eggs will not hatch.
    IN a highly infested location, it is a good idea to use a break away flea collar you can do this with the advanage with little or no side effets.

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    Vac the floors a few more times, better to be safe then sorry. Raid sell a good can of flea killer it comes in a purple can.Gets rid of flea right on the spot and stops there eggs from hatching, let the cat out but keep an eye on it.

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    Sounds like you’ve got a good plan overall…. attacking the flea problem on all fronts – way to go! Just make sure that the pesticides are now completely dry and for good measure, vacuum again before you let the kitties run around. I also put Advantage on my 2 cats when we had that bad flea infestation in the old place. I atrakced on all fronts too, but I treated the furniture first and carpet first with spray. Two days later, I got Advantage. And yes – the fleas on the cats dropped dead within 6 hrs. They are still flea free now six months later.

    Good luck!

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    Sounds to me you are doing everything right…….just one thing…remember to throw out the vacuum bags after cause the flea eggs could possibly hatch in there…and you sure don’t want to deal with that mess again!!! Good luck!


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