Wet Cat Food for Kittens and Cats or Dry Cat Food?

Which Cat Food is Healthier for My Kitten?

Feeding Cats Wet Cat Food Vs. Dry Cat Food

Wet cat food for cats or dry cat food?

Wet cat food for cats or dry cat food?

A few days ago, I got a question from one of my readers concerning if one should give a six month old kitten dry cat food or wet

cat food. She asked if she should feed her new six month old kitten  solely on a tin of  wet cat food or a tin of dry cat food?

This is my answer:
Feed your kitten a mixed diet of dry cat food and wet cat food. If a cat only eats dry cat food, it will not be as healthy as a cat that eats wet cat food as well. Wet cat food (and especially fresh food) has nutritions and important enzymes inside, it also is more liquidity then dry cat food, and the cats have the fun of licking up the sauce.
Dry cat food (from a good make) is a healthy diet for a cat, but should be mixed with a diet of fresh cat food or wet cat food too.

Some people swear by dry cat food, since it’s in some cases cheaper then wet cat food and is more compact. Dry cat food swells up in the cat’s belly and quickly fills up your cats.

In addition, if you often travel or are out and away from your cats for many hours each day, then dry cat food might be better since the cat can self feed itself whenever it’s hungry.

Wet cat food would go bad in the sun and after short time out of the tin, but dry cat food will last  longer.

Tip: Place your cats’  cat food dish in another wider dish that has some water in it, so ants can’t get into the cat food!

The healthiest Cat Food diet for a Cat:

Too much dry cat food!

  1. A dish with some dry cat food.
  2. A tin with some moist cat food.
  3. An occasional meal of fresh meat, some chunks of raw turkey/ chicken or fish. My cats and kittens love eating raw fish, shrips and turkey.  Sometimes they’ll eat left overs.

If feeding a cat dry cat food, make sure to leave lots of water in a dish near by.
Also, if feeding a cat or kitten only on dry cat food, you should get a variety of cat food. One could be fish, another turkey, and yet another cat food bag could be tuna or rabbit.  Make sure to occasionally change a taste, so your cat will not be bored of the same dry cat food.

Just think about it, no one likes to eat the same thing all their lives long do they?
Would you like to ONLY eat potato chips all year round without any soft locious meat to dig your teeth in?
(Well, sorry, maybe you are a vegetarian, but in that case you like vegetables right? Imagine living without them, or just with one flavor all the time… how horrible! )

Some people make a “program cat food”  for the week.
That means that on Monday they feed their cat one brand of cat food with a special taste, for example fish.

Then on Tuesday they feed their cat a tin of wet cat food with some other kind of dry different  tasting cat food, for example tuna or ham, and then on Wednesday they give their cat some cat food which tastes of chicken to eat…. and so on.

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